Ameridial is a one-of-a-kind telefundraising call center: we work exclusively with nonprofit organizations. Above all, our goal is to get more of the money we raise back to your mission. We accomplish that by hard work, listening to your goals and formulating a plan around them, and simply accepting lower profit margins than some of our competitors.

You can fully customize your inbound call center solutions. We have direct experience in membership support, inbound telefundraising, pre-recorded voice broadcasting, email & web chat, DRTV, direct response, radiothons and telethons. All of our services are US-based and we have 24x7x365 inbound coverage. Our nonprofits partners also have on-demand self-service access to their call information, screens/scripting, and even call audio files via a proprietary and secure web portal! Choosing a call center partner is a big decision.

If it can be done in a call center, we can do it! We can convert donors who have not contributed through your other fundraising channels at little to no cost to your nonprofit. If you’re not sure what solution is best, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Inbound Services

Have an experienced, reliable team to work with your donors. When you run your campaign, it’s vital to have the right kind of representative on the line when your prospective donor feels compelled to join your cause and call to donate. Our team is specially trained in donor interactions and can expertly guide your callers through the process. We train our team to understand your organization’s mission so that our team accurately conveys your message in the manner you want the word spread. We have the infrastructure and experience to mobilize quickly. We can scale in accordance to the support you need. Many of the other valuable services we list can be adapted or integrated into an inbound campaign.

Lapsed Donor Reactivation

Re-ignite your donors. Donors stop supporting a nonprofit for myriad reasons. However, a significant percentage of donors whose support lapses for a year or longer are still willing and able to support, they have simply gotten “out of the habit”. Reactivating lapsed (13+ month) donors via the telephone is typically more cost effective than bringing on a new donor to your organization through other acquisition channels. After a thorough analysis of your file, Ameridial will provide projections. In our experience, average gifts tend to be higher than the previous average giving level of the donors that are reactivated. We can discuss proven tactics with you to help maximize your renewal rates among lapsed donors. You can also learn about our ROI Breakeven Guarantee and read our Case Studies.

New Donor Conversion

Timing is everything. Nonprofits spend significant amounts of money acquiring new donors – so it’s vital that your initial investment does not go to waste. Keep your potential donors connected by reaching out the right time. Calling donors at the point where the direct mail response begins a sharp decline (4-7 months) will increase the overall conversion rate among the new donors that are contacted. Telefundraising to new, single gift donors typically produces response rates of 12-18% and produces modest, net income. Donors converted by phone tend to respond very well to both mail and phone subsequently. Most new donors who make a second gift to mail will do so within a year.  After a year, new, single gift donors become very difficult, if not impossible to bring back into a relationship of support. Donors who are converted to second gift by phone typically generate 30-40% pledge rates in subsequent call programs with returns on investment between 2:1 and 3:1. They are also excellent candidates for sustainer recruitment.

Monthly Sustainer Recruitment

Secure regular contributions. Recruiting donors to become on-going contributors via automatic credit card and/or EFT has become an increasingly important strategy for ministries who are attempting to bond donors more closely to their missions. Working with Ameridial, we will be able to time our efforts with your needs, helping ensure your mission’s success. Telefundraising is the most effective way to recruit large numbers of sustainers from within the housefile and Ameridial telefundraising specialists are very adept at securing the ongoing commitment on credit card or EFT. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our article on Telefundraising: Keys to Successful Monthly Sustainer Recruitment.

Welcome & Thank you Calls

It’s the little things that count. Welcome calls/thank you calls should be a part of any successful donor cultivation strategy. With a simple call you can welcome a new donor and give them more information on your nonprofit organization’s mission. This increases their loyalty and likeness to donate. Additionally, a Thank You call goes a long way towards making your donors receive the appreciation they deserve. Hands down, there’s no better way to retain donors than taking the opportunity to thank them for their support and involvement. Better yet, Ameridial’s aggressive pricing model makes it cost effective to make thank you calls to donors who make donations large or small!

Scripting & Creative Services

Don’t be at a loss for words. The primary reason we call is to strengthen your relationship with your donor. We work closely with you to create the most effective phone presentation and fulfillment letters possible. We can help you find the right words to match your audience, and your organization’s needs.  We tailor our phone presentations to mirror the tone and style of your direct mail so donors are familiar with the message when we call. We constantly evaluate our success and can make recommendations on wording and the nuances of your scripting. All drafts require your signed approval before we use them and any further modification requires approval as well.

Data Analysis & Testing

Effectively streamline and refine your data. When Ameridial receives you donor file, we conduct a complete data analysis in order to fully understand the makeup of the audience we will be calling. We break it out by recency, frequency and giving amount f or sure. But we also look at past giving behaviors including the communications channels donors have responded to as well as types of appeals. Script and call strategies are developed based on data and experience, however, all lists and scripts are reviewed daily to ensure optimum effectiveness.

At the conclusion of each program, Ameridial provides you with a detailed copy of your file with all updated information and call dispositions so that you can maintain the cleanest file possible and use the information gathered through the telefundraising program to more effectively communicate with your donors in the future.


Experience how our technology can save you time and money. Next to our people, Ameridial’s biggest investment is in technology. Our business depends on it. We are fully enabled to provide inbound call handling. We also provide Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions to manage work as efficiently as possible. Our skills-based routing ensures that the best telephone agents for your program are always handling your calls. Additionally, we utilize voice-over-Internet technology, allowing all of our call centers to be networked for maximum redundancy and maximum flexibility.


Have on-demand access to reports and recordings. Ameridial offers an extensive suite of standard reporting and analytics. Our reports can be customized and automated or provided in real time. Real time reporting allows our call center management team to view results by client, by program, by segment, by telephone agent and in numerous other ways of all the information necessary to ensure we respond quickly to trends, capitalize on opportunities, and maximize response. Standard reports we provide our partners include Daily Call Reports, Daily Credit Card Reports, Weekly Fulfillment Reports, Executive Summary and Trend Reports. These reports can be accessed through our web portal any time of day!

Ameridial records 100% of phone calls and we are able to provide digital audio files of random samples of calls or even specific phone calls at your request. We also provide remote monitoring access, so you can listen to your calls from your office as they are being made.

Pledge Fulfillment

Complete the pledge cycle with follow-up correspondence. Typically, between 7% and 20% of the donations Ameridial secures are paid on credit cards. There is a strong correlation between how quickly pledge letters are received by the donor and the level of pledge fulfillment. Pledge letters (with first class postage) are in the mail within 24 hours of the phone calls being made. Ameridial is also equipped to send emails to donors who pledge. The email contains a URL that takes the donor to a dedicated web page where they can give immediately and securely online. This is a particularly effective strategy on sustainer recruitment programs!

Compliance & Security

Stay compliant and safe. Ameridial is committed to successfully navigating the gauntlet of local, state and federal compliance requirements. We employ a full time Compliance Manager and we retain the law firm of Copilevitz and Canter, LLC to ensure that we remain compliant at all times. Additionally, Ameridial’s network, systems and facilities are SOC 2 audited. Our controls are based on a variety of standards including HIPAA, PCI and NIST 800-53 rules and guidance.

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