In this section Ameridial answers questions about nonprofit telefundraising and outsourcing. We understand there is a lot of information to consider when deciding if telefundraising is right for your nonprofit. Here we work to answer not just the Who, What, When, Where, and How, but also address a lot of the challenges faced by nonprofits. Below are some articles you may find useful.

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Telefundraising: Keys To Successful Monthly Sustainer Recruitment

Recruiting donors to become on-going contributors via monthly pledge letter or automatic credit card/ACH has become an increasingly important strategy for nonprofits as they can provide a reliable steady stream of income while bonding donors more closely to their missions. Read more about how to secure this crucial funding.

Traits of Nonprofit Fundraising Call Centers

6 Traits of an Experienced Fundraising Call Center

Choosing an inbound telephone fundraising call center can be a difficult task because the people who fund raise on your behalf are the face and voice of your nonprofit. Great call centers are “great” because of these six simple practices…

Donor Care Center Answers Telefundraising Fears

Fears of Using an Outsourced Telefundraising Center…

Face those fears! Whether or not you’re considering the use of an outsourced call center, this article discusses some of the initial fears a nonprofit might have during the decision-making process. 

7 Simple Tips to Maximize Your Telefundraising

Ameridial has had the privilege of partnering with some wonderful nonprofit organizations over the years! In fact, many of our team members have worked on hundreds of telefundraising campaigns over the past 20+ years. Read seven simple “tried-and-true” tips to help you maximize your telefundraising campaign.