6 Traits of an Experienced Fundraising Call Center

Choosing an inbound and/or outbound telephone fundraising call center can be a difficult task because the people who fundraise on your behalf are the face and voice of your nonprofit. Experienced call centers are “great” because of these six simple practices.

1. They Find Employees Who Will Go the Extra Mile

This is arguably the most difficult and the most important elements when it comes to offering great call center support. Your call center’s ability to offer top-notch service is entirely dependent on the team running the show. No amount of training or work will be able to maximize conversion rates and provide a great donor experience if you don’t have the right people on the phones. Being willing to go the extra mile isn’t something that can be taught, so finding the right team can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, that’s where call center outsourcing can often fill in the gaps and provide you with a team that’s already been vetted for their attitude and aptitude.

2. They Know Your Nonprofit Well

Knowledge is an integral part of a call center’s offering. Imagine receiving a phone call and asking a basic question about the nonprofit, only to find that the caller is unable to answer your question (or even tell you how to get the answer). Chances are you’d question the legitimacy of the call, and possibly even hang up the phone, frustrated and dissatisfied. Knowledge is the only way to guarantee that phone agents will be able to provide all the information necessary to satisfy donors, to thwart frustration, and even to anticipate problems. A good fundraising call center partner will have a great team of teachers, leaders, motivators and a tried-and-true training department that prepares agents for phone calls.

3. They Personalize Their Service for Each Donor

Every donor likes to feel valued, and the best way to do this is to use a call center that can analyze your data and provide a personal service for every call using things like birthdays, donation history, and call history. Not only does this make for a better experience, but it also improves their lifetime value.

4. They Practice Patience and Empathy

Two of the most important characteristics in a teleservices phone agent are patience and empathy because, without these, there’s no way they will take the time to listen to a donor and fully understand their concern(s). This is crucial when it comes to fundraising campaigns that require a great deal of persistence. Agents who aren’t patient and who aren’t able to empathize with donors or prospective donors can lead to irritation and frustration on both ends.

5. They Know How to Turn Problems into Loyalty

One of the hallmarks of a great call center is that they can take a complaint and turn it into an opportunity to create a raving fan. A great fundraising call center will have phone agents that can recognize that, and who can turn an upset caller into a loyal one. One of the secrets to this is always maintaining a positive attitude, but it’s also about being able to get to the root of a problem and providing a solution.

6. They’re Able to Wow Donors with Exceptional Service

Donors these days expect a great experience! Finding a team that can go above and beyond is tough, but doable. It’s crucial to convey information over the phone in a way that any donor can understand it, all while providing that “mint on the pillow” feeling! It’s finding that one little thing that makes all the difference to the donor and then doing it every day, call-after-call!

Making sure your call center offers an exceptional donor experience is the only way to ensure your telefundraising campaign has the best chance possible. Competition in today’s world is fierce, and nonprofits are always trying to find new ways to grow their donor base. To remain on the cutting edge of this game, your call center must have the right people with the right skills, and they must be positive, helpful, and willing to go that extra mile!

Mint, anyone?

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