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Donor Care Center, Inc. (DCCI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ameridial, Inc. In more than 30 years of business, we’ve encountered a lot of questions, so we’ve compiled some of the most common Donor Care Center FAQ’s here.

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Do you round service time for billing purposes?2018-10-16T14:50:41-04:00

No. We bill to the exact amount of accrued time. We do not round time up when billing as many others do.

How much staff turnover do you have?2018-10-16T14:49:16-04:00

We take great pride in retaining our employees and provide many incentives for them to stay engaged with DCCI. We not only offer competitive wages and pay increases, we have opportunities for advancement and have 401k, health, dental, and vision insurance options. Turnover can vary by location and program, but our annual attrition is around 20%, which is considerably less than the industry average. Anniversaries are also celebrated at DCCI to call attention to how much we appreciate our team members!

What’s your QA process to ensure calls are being handled properly?2018-10-16T14:48:57-04:00

Our Donor Care FAQ are here to answer that common question! Our quality assurance staff listens to a sample of all recorded calls, populating QA report cards in the process. We have an in-house staff of QA monitors who utilize client tools as well as our own proprietary processes. 100% of calls are digitally recorded and QA staff listen, score and track results by agent, by program. We work with individual scorecards per agent, per week, and then aggregate scores over time on a tracker. Additionally we have a weekly and monthly rollup that summarizes overall scores by key call components and comparison to previous week/month. The weekly scores help drive refresher training focus and curriculum modifications as well as contest and incentives.

We look to replicate your best practices understanding that each of our partners is unique and their approach to service excellence can vary. Should you not have a QA report card you’d like us to replicate, we’re happy to provide our standard for your consideration and customization.  Please note that we’re also happy to explore other approaches you might prefer as part of our customized solution built for you.

Can your phone agents up-sell and/or cross-sell?2018-10-16T14:48:37-04:00

Yes, absolutely! This is a critical task assigned to us by many of our partners. Sales skills are taught to our phone agents beginning with the initial DCCI training and continue throughout their employment with us. Our training curriculum has been developed over the decades we have been in business. We also draw content from industry leaders such as Dale Carnegie and Sandler Training Institute and others. Ultimately, our staff is expertly trained to maximize the average order value you realize from our efforts.

After a phone agent completes training their development continues. We conduct refresher training as needed, and partner with our quality assurance team. They pull calls and help identify coaching opportunities so the agents receive development, and praise, along the way.

How do I go about training DCCI staff for my product or program?2018-10-16T14:48:18-04:00

There are several options available when it comes to training. The first option is to have you lead the initial training. Your internal trainer can facilitate the training in person at our location or virtually. The first training class will also include the DCCI trainer designated to support your program along with your assigned Account Manager. They will work with you to become certified to conduct subsequent training sessions.

Another option is a “train the trainer” approach. We can send our trainer to your facility (often accompanied by other support team members). While there, our trainer will learn about your organization, training materials, call types, quality assurance, and your company culture. We can also do this virtually if preferred.

Lastly, if you are designing a new solution and don’t have training content developed, DCCI can help by designing the training curriculum for you.

How do you select your phone agents?2018-10-16T14:48:00-04:00

This is arguably the most difficult and the most important element when it comes to offering great call center support. We understand our phone agents are your brand ambassadors and truly are where “the rubber meets the road.”

We begin our selection process by asking you for the profile of your most successful internal representatives. We employ a multi-layered recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training process. DCCI conducts pre-employment assessments, background checks, and competency-based behavioral interviews with qualified candidates based on program requirements. Candidates go through several steps and interviews with our team before being made an offer of employment.

How is the call center support structured for my program?2018-10-16T14:47:42-04:00

After an agreement is executed, you will be assigned an Account Manager and/or work with an Implementation Director. They will facilitate the technical setup and integration between our two companies. After the program has gone live, the Account Manager will continue to be the primary point of contact. The Account Manager is involved with all aspects of the daily running of the program. They will set up regular status calls, calibration calls, and quality reviews per your preferences. They work with the internal teams to ensure all metrics are being met and your program is successful. The Account Manager works with our Supervisors, Trainers, and QA staff, as well as provides guidance and training to the phone agents.

Your scope of access is not restricted to your Account Manager. Everyone at DCCI has a stake in your partnership experience and you will have access to our executive team if needed.

What reporting options do I have as a client?2018-10-16T14:47:12-04:00

DCCI offers a very robust reporting suite and can provide any metrics needed to effectively manage a program. Reports are generated, reviewed, and distributed to you as frequently as desired. We also have the ability to provide “web portal” access to your program where you can access reports and call recordings on-demand, 24 hours a day (and it’s mobile friendly!). Some of the metrics we can report on are (but not limited to): Comment/Call Outcome Reports, Abandoned Calls, Call Offered, Calls Answered, Callback Requests, Number of Calls Monitored, All Trunks Busy/Number of Busy Signals, Average Queue Time, Number of calls aggregated by IVR prompt selection, Average Wait Before Abandon, Longest Wait Before Abandon, Handle Time (by agent and by site), Donation Details, Disposition of calls, and more.

What information do I need to have prior to launch?2018-10-16T14:46:52-04:00

Our Implementation Manager and Program Manager will work closely with you to ensure we receive all of the key content to build a successful solution for your program. Generally, this includes your training materials such as a dialogue plan, FAQs, existing quality assurance forms, direct mail samples, email samples, and similar information. Additionally, we will work through details with you regarding IVR considerations, telephony needs, training timelines, reporting needs, recording access needs, file outputs and systems considerations (e.g. integration with your CRM/database).

Once we begin receiving information, your Account Manager will work off a published “Critical Path.” This document keeps all mission-critical items on track during the implementation stage. This is also shared with new client partners on a regular basis during the implementation stage. The Critical Path works backwards from the campaign launch date, and provides details on all deliverables needed (from both the DCCI and the new client) and their corresponding due dates, starting with agreement execution, and ending with post launch call calibrations and a reporting review. We’ve found this tool to be extremely beneficial to our client partners and our internal team as it keeps everyone organized and on the same page. It’s hard to answer everything in the Donor Care FAQ so please contact us for more information or if you have additional questions.

If we were to transition a program to DCCI, how do you ensure everything will go smoothly with no interruption to our service(s)?2018-10-16T14:46:34-04:00

A seamless transition is key. Our Implementation Director would oversee the project while working hand-in-hand with your assigned Account Manager. They would work with your team to fully understand all of the details and requirements of the program. This begins with a “kick-off” call where we would walk through an internal questionnaire with you, gathering some basic information that would allow us to begin working on the project. They would also work closely with any 3rd party vendors (if applicable), to ensure a smooth implementation for your program.

Once we have a full and complete understanding of the program requirements, all specifications would be clearly communicated with the appropriate DCCI departments. After work has been completed, a rigorous testing process would begin including, but not limited to, making test calls, providing any 3rd party vendors a sample of reports and export files, a review of the agent screen interface and scripting platform, and any additional items required for program support. Only after everything has been fully tested, and you have signed off on everything, would we go live. At that point, your Account Manager would provide the strategic oversight and communication on an on-going basis.

What compliance standards do you maintain? What types of security do you have in your call centers?2018-10-16T14:46:14-04:00

We take data security very seriously. We have invested millions of dollars in facility and network improvements, upgrades, and maintenance to our servers. As an enterprise, we maintain very strict internal policies developed to satisfy compliance standards mandated by our Executive Team and fulfilled by our IT and Operations Teams. We’re both PCI and HIPAA compliant. We also maintain active compliance participation in the following areas: NIST, HHS, OCR, CMS, X12, NCPDP, and Public Comment. Specifically, DCCI is compliant with: NIST 800-30 and 800-53 Rules; Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements and IRS Guidelines. Additionally, we’re SSAE-16 Type II audited. We stay abreast of all major call center regulatory developments. We utilize our active association with organizations such as PACE (Professional Association of Customer Engagement – formerly ATA), the DMA, DMANF, NCDC, and SOCAP, among others, as a component of our research.

Physical security of our centers is extremely important as well. All sites have card reader access systems which are programmed to only allow the appropriate people access to their designated areas during defined time periods. Security cameras are in use to monitor entry points and restricted areas. All visitors must check in before entering our facilities

Can I trust you with my donors and their personal information?2018-10-16T14:45:49-04:00

Absolutely. We fully recognize how critical this is to you, as well as to our success as your partner. We take full responsibility for our efforts in maintaining not just your donor’s personal data (e.g. credit card information, donation details, etc.), but in how your brand is affected by the quality of service we provide your donors with. We have layers of management personnel who are tasked with overseeing the services our team provides. Our client services team, and quality assurance staff, ensures we’re effective in achieving our collective goals relative to  donor satisfaction and data security.

Once we have a signed agreement, how long until the program goes live?2018-10-16T14:45:31-04:00

The answer to this question is, “it can vary.” It depends on the type of campaign, level of system integrations, customization, state registration waiting periods, and telephony requirements. We’ll fully scope the program, and establish a mutually agreed upon time frame for programming, implementation, training and launch, and strictly adhere to it. Every outsourced call center solution is different and customized to our clients’ needs, but we find campaigns can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple months. Establishing realistic yet accurate launch times also allows our team to ensure all ‘i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed,’ and necessary testing has been thoroughly completed before going live.

Does DCCI have contracts? If so, what are the terms of the contract?2018-10-16T14:45:10-04:00

We do utilize contractual agreements. We feel it’s important to establish responsibilities to ensure we’re “on the same page” as we forge our partnership. Typically, our standard contract has a one-year term associated with it but we provide a 30-day out clause, without cause, as a term within it. We believe in being held accountable for our services and provide the 30 day out clause for your peace of mind. Some clients prefer an evergreen contract or multi-year agreements. All of this can be discussed and tailored to your support needs.

What is your approach to partnership?2018-10-16T14:44:15-04:00

Part of our strength is our consultative approach and client-centric mindset. We go above and beyond to make recommendations and provide strategic oversight to our clients’ campaigns. Our Executive Team is readily accessible, and every client is assigned an Account Manager that is their direct point-of-contact. We also believe that outsourcing is a collaborative effort which needs active involvement from clients and the service provider. We have embraced this philosophy from inception, and our solutions are designed specifically for each client.

Additionally, we invest in our technology and hardworking employees, and understand that in today’s world, our clients’ business needs are ever-changing. One of the bedrocks that we were founded on is our flexibility, being able to adapt to change quickly. We’re consistently doing things for our clients that our competitors cant’ do, or won’t do, and often times at no additional cost. Over the years, this has ranged from customized reporting, web portal access, expedited campaign launches, investing in new technology to obtaining certifications. We’re often described as “Flexible,” “Creative,” and “Responsive,” by our clients.

May I speak to your nonprofit partners?2018-10-16T14:43:34-04:00

Yes, we actually encourage it. As we go through the discussion process, we are happy to provide references who can speak to their experience with our team.

Can we visit your call centers?2018-10-16T14:43:03-04:00

Absolutely! Our doors are always open to our client partners and we’d be delighted to host you for a site visit. Once we discuss your support needs and size, we will make an initial determination on the best location to house your program. We will then make arrangements for you to view our facilities.

Where are your call centers located?2018-10-16T14:42:44-04:00

DCCI has operations in Ohio and North Carolina. Our corporate headquarters are located in North Canton, Ohio.

What types of nonprofits do you partner with?2018-10-16T14:42:27-04:00

From our inception, we’ve partnered with hundreds of nonprofits. Our portfolio largely consists of veteran-serving, faith-based, animal-welfare, hospitals, health & human services, and humanitarian nonprofits.

What are your specialties in serving nonprofit organizations and their telefundraising efforts?2018-10-16T14:42:07-04:00

DCCI launches nearly 200 inbound/outbound campaigns per year for nonprofits, and as an enterprise we handle up to 1 million inbound minutes per month. We have direct experience with membership support, outbound telefundraising, pre-recorded voice broadcasting, inbound DRTV, direct response, radiothons and telethons. We can even leverage our parent company’s experience (Ameridial, Inc.) and resources when they are needed. This allows for better inbound coverage and service levels, and an overall better experience for our clients.

In a competitive marketplace, what makes DCCI different than other telefundraising call centers?2018-10-16T14:41:36-04:00

DCCI is one of the only telefundraising call centers that:

  • Works exclusively with nonprofits
  • Offers US-based 24x7x365 inbound coverage
  • Can utilize a blended inbound/outbound call solution
  • Offers nonprofits transparent, self-service access to their call information, screens/scripting, and even call audio files via a proprietary and secure web portal!
How was Donor Care Center, Inc. founded?2018-10-16T14:40:57-04:00

DCCI was founded in 1987 as Ameridial, Inc. Ameridial has deep roots in the nonprofit world as it developed the very first outsourced “Neighbor to Neighbor” volunteer recruitment solution in the industry, serving such prominent nonprofits as March of Dimes and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, among others. As Ameridial grew over the years, it developed a strong base of Retail and eCommerceHealthcare, and Dealer Services call center business in addition to serving its nonprofit clientele. In order to most effectively serve the nonprofit marketplace, Ameridial launched DCCI in 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Don’t see an answer to your question in the Donor Care FAQ? Please contact us to ask for more information or if you would like to discuss your specific needs.
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