Ameridial to Attend 5th Annual Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare Marketing Summit

The 2016 Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare Marketing Summit is the fifth year for this event, and Ameridial is thrilled to be participating as a supporting organization this year.

Taking place in Chicago between May 2 and May 4, the summit focuses on healthcare marketing in the ever-evolving and expanding direct-to-consumer market, and explores the secrets of attracting and retaining members. The summit will feature talks and presentations by top healthcare marketers, who will discuss important topics such as:

  • Trends and developments in the industry
  • Creating marketing strategies
  • How to communicate effectively with clients and consumers
  • Engaging consumers
  • Developing and positioning your brand

Ameridial’s Role at the Event

The annual Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare Marketing Summit is targeted at decision makers in the healthcare field, and this includes people involved with insurance, plans, physician providers, and hospitals. Ameridial is proud to be a supporting organization again this year because it allows us to do our part in making sure this event can occur.

We understand how important this summit is to the healthcare marketing industry, and are thankful to be a part of it. Acting as a partner organization, we have a small space outside the hall, where the attendees can comfortably approach our team to chat and ask questions.

Why the Summit Is a Good Fit

At Ameridial, one of our main objectives is to support the healthcare industry by increasing call center capacity, improving ratings, and reducing costs. We also play a supporting role with claims adjudications, benefit inquiries, customer service, pharmacy help desks, and sales and welcome calls for many different sectors of the healthcare field. Because of our involvement in this field, we appreciate how important your role is, and understand how events like the Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare Marketing Summit can provide crucial resources and support for what we all do.

What to Expect at the Event

This year’s event is special because it will once again feature a full-day symposium dedicated to member experience best practices. The summit receives roughly 150 attendees every year, and with their input the summit has been divided into five main categories.

Each of those categories will be addressed through talks and presentations provided by top healthcare marketers in the field. The five main subjects the summit will emphasize are:

  • Member experience
  • Distribution
  • Innovation
  • Successful marketing
  • Appealing to ethnic markets

Member experience best practices: This portion will be covered by presentations about creating relationships, using social media, the importance of transparency, increasing retention and visibility, creating your image, and engaging consumers.

Distribution: To address this topic, the marketing experts will discuss issues like finding new distribution channels and strengthening existing ones, finding the best channels for your product or service, building relationships with retailers, and the benefits of Medicare brokers and agencies.

Innovation: The focus of this segment is all about how innovation can strengthen your organization, how to manage changing markets, and how a consumer-based focus could change the healthcare system.

Successful marketing: If you’ve ever wanted access to strategies and tools that could help ensure the success of your marketing campaigns, then the Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare Marketing Summit is for you! The final day of the summit is dedicated to marketing and engagement strategies, and will address issues such as communications, social media as a marketing tool, building loyalty, improving retention, and positioning products.

Appealing to ethnic markets: This category will be addressed with a special panel presentation about reaching diverse ethnic markets, which will also cover topics like understanding cultural differences and overcoming language barriers.

The fifth annual Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare Marketing Summit in Chicago this year is shaping up to be a good one. The speakers they have lined up are guaranteed to provide you with excellent advice, wonderful information, great insight, and vital tools and resources that will take your healthcare marketing campaigns to the next level.

Here at Ameridial, we’re excited to partake this year as a supporting organization, are looking forward to some great presentations by top marketers in the field, and are even more excited to see you there and talk to you about what can be done to make your difficult job a little easier.