Customer Service Problem Solving Techniques to Mitigate Negative Circumstances

Businesses face numerous difficulties as they work to provide the products and services their customers most need. But customers often remember how a company handles a difficult experience more than what caused the issue in the first place. Reacting gracefully to an unexpected occurrence can be difficult at the moment, but you can alleviate customer frustration during a potentially negative experience by using the following three key customer service problem-solving tips.

1. Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room

Don’t brush issues away — savvy customers know they exist. Instead, tackle them head-on by acknowledging what is happening, whether your website has crashed, a key product goes out of stock or your payment system isn’t processing payments. Follow three principles as you acknowledge the issue:

  • Address the crux of the matter
  • Allude to the solution being worked upon, i.e., the date or type of resolution
  • Aim to make the customer smile

The first two items on that list are fairly straightforward, but the third can be where your organization shines during a difficult time. Consider messages you may see when a search engine fails to load or a leading retail giant has a portion of their site crash — often, self-deprecating yet still appropriate humor is used to make customers happy even as their needs are not being fulfilled.

2. Follow Solutions to the Conclusion

Once you’ve implemented a strategic customer service problem-solving technique to a customer for an issue they’re experiencing, you have a duty to follow it through to its conclusion. The best customer service includes more than just solving the issue. It also means keeping customers informed throughout the process. This is especially important when solutions aren’t easily found, come in unusual forms or take a long time to implement. Use these means to keep your customers informed:

  • Updates to your website or blog with the progress being made or type of solution sought
  • Brief social media updates to let customers know what’s happening — or to very honestly share that there may be a lull in the solution process
  • Email or text blasts to your contact list to share the latest and build expectations of when the solution may be complete

3. Offer an Incentive to Customers

When a problem has interrupted your customer’s experience, an offered incentive can help retain their loyalty and ensure they’re willing to wait until a solution is found instead of seeking a similar product or service elsewhere. If a product goes out of stock or becomes backordered, offer automatic shipping as soon as it’s available — perhaps even free shipping or a discount on the product’s regular price. If your website goes down on Black Friday or another critical shopping time, offer all customers a site-wide discount. Even 5 or 10 percent off to acknowledge their inconvenience can bring customers back to the loyal fold.

Contact the Customer Service Professionals for Help

Creative, adaptable companies that are upfront in the face of issues, maintain appropriate communication and offer consumers a token of their gratitude for customer loyalty can effectively weather issues and enhance their reputation as a result. Ameridial is here to offer excellent customer service that is even more impactful than your sales prices. Contact our team or give us a call at (866) 775-4755 today to learn more about our call center customer service solutions.