How Can A Customer Service Call Center Help You Deliver A Better Customer Experience And Gain Valuable Customer Insights?

Happy Customer ExperienceThe time has come when businesses can no longer ignore customer experience. According to a recent Walker study, by 2020, customer experience will overcome product and pricing as a significant differentiator. Therefore, it’s time for businesses from every vertical to start taking customer experience seriously and pledge to deliver improved customer experience at each customer interaction.

While delivering excellent customer experience seems like a lot of work, its benefits make it worth those efforts. Some of the top benefits of paying attention to customer experience are:

  • Improved customer conversion
  • Better customer acquisition
  • Better customer engagement
  • Reduced cost of service and marketing
  • Better crisis management
  • Increased customer loyalty and retention

To gain these benefits, a company must work on improving each customer interaction, and in doing so, they need an experienced customer service call center as your outsourcing partner. A customer service call center can deliver not only excellent customer service but also ensure exceptional customer experience, customer retention, and customer loyalty.

As a renowned customer service call center with over thirty years of experience, Ameridial has a tried and true method of turning an initial customer interaction into an opportunity to deliver customer satisfaction and positive customer experience. We also see each customer interaction to gather invaluable customer insight, which can then be used for continuous improvement to the CX scenario. We follow a four-step process to gain the insight necessary for CX improvement. These steps include:

Knowing the Customer

The best way to assist your customers is to know them beyond their names and demographics. Based on the insights, your customers can be segmented in different categories. Some critical insights a customer service call center can gather in the first interaction are –

  • How long have they been a customer?
  • How many of your products do they use?
  • How often are they reach out for support?

Such information can later be useful to communicate with the customer. For example, – if your customer has many of your products and has been a loyal customer, he should be treated as a priority customer. As a result, their overall experience will improve.

Identifying the Problem

Collecting insights around the issue for which the customer is reaching out to you is also vital. Finding out the top customer issues will give a chance to create more updated self-service content and also provide you deep-insight on where you can improve your product.

According to Forrester, insight-driven businesses grow, on average, 30% more annually than companies with close-looped learning processes.

Also, in the age of ever-changing information, leveraging insights regularly can help you make the process easier for the customer and drive a better customer satisfaction level. A customer service call center partner can help you with that.

Ensuring Low Customer Effort and Faster Resolution

Issue resolution plays a significant role in customer satisfaction and customer experience. However, you also need to consider the customer effort to resolve an issue. The higher the customer effort, the lower will the score of their positive customer experience.

It is often seen that repeated attempts for issue resolution usually have low experience scores. Therefore, a customer service call center must focus on delivering a resolution the first time the issue presents itself. It will boost the overall customer experience while minimizing customer effort. After all, resolution and the speed of resolution helps you gain long-term customer loyalty.

Building Brand Loyalty

One of the best ways to know about the satisfaction level of customers is by asking whether they will recommend your brand to the others. Your call center customer service partner can gather this information after resolving the issues of your customers. It will give you a better idea about how your customer service and customer support are driving customer experience.

Listening to your customers and acting upon the insight can help you stand out in this competitive world. Also, the customers today are more attentive to brand responses. So, when you have better insight into your customer segments, their common issues, and may such thing, thanks to your outsourcing partner, you can drive improvement in the way you serve your customers. You can work on reducing customer effort and resolving customer issues quickly, resulting in a significant boost in customer experience and subsequently in brand loyalty.

These are four ways a customer service call center can help you deliver a better customer experience and gather customer insights from each customer interaction.

Having over decades of experience as a customer service call center, Ameridial can play a significant role in delivering positive customer experience to your customers at each interaction. We also help your business gain essential customer insights that can be used to create or alter processes to boost customer experience in the future. To know how Ameridial can help your business deliver quality customer service, contact us today!