Contact Tracing Call Centers Can Be The Weapon To Defeat Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is showing no sign of slowing down, and the vaccine of the disease is still in its testing phases. In such situations, stalling the virus’s spread is the only way local and state health officials can win the battle against the virus.

Currently, public health experts are using a tried and true method to stop the pandemic – contact tracing. Contact tracing is the process of interviewing the infected persons to find out the people who came in their contact and informing those contacts and advising them to stay in isolation and monitor their health condition. If done correctly, contact tracing can help get an outbreak of COVID-19 under control.

However, to stall a disease of this magnitude needs an army of contact tracers who can interview each infected person in the country and reach out to their exposed contacts with information, support, and guidance. For this reason, the local and state healthcare organizations are hiring contact tracing call centers to do the job.

The role of contact tracing call centers in controlling the pandemic

The contact tracing call center is playing an essential role in curbing the spread of Coronavirus. Reputed healthcare call centers like Ameridial are currently helping the local and state healthcare organizations with contact tracing services. With their latest call center technology and multichannel, multilingual capabilities such a call center can easily reach out to the patients as well as their close contacts and provide them with the support and guidance they need.

Some key roles a contact tracing call center plays in the war against COVID-19 are:

Quick patient interview – Agents can quickly interview a large number of COVID-19 patients and obtain the information regarding the people they came in contact during this infection period. Call centers with multilingual capabilities can also reach out to patients who speak a different language.

Contacting the exposed contacts – Using the information obtained from a patient, a contact tracing call center can quickly reach out to exposed individuals and inform them about the possibility of infection and provide them with the support and guidance they need. The contact tracers can educate them about self-isolation and the importance of 14 days quarantine.

Monitoring the condition of the exposed contacts regularly – The contact tracing call centers can also help the healthcare organizations keep a tab on the exposed individuals. The contact tracers can check these individuals at regular intervals via email, text, or calls to see if someone has developed the symptoms of COVID-19 and advise them on their next course of action i.e., testing.

Protecting the identity of the patients – Last but not least, a HIPAA compliant call center offering contact tracing services can easily protect the identity of a COVID-19 patient throughout the process of contact tracing.

How can Ameridial help?

A HIPAA compliant, multilingual, multichannel contact center with 30+ years of experience in the healthcare ecosystem, Ameridial is currently offering contact tracing services to help healthcare organizations control the pandemic. With the right contact tracing and compliance training, our expert healthcare call center agents can ask the right questions to quickly find out the exposed contacts and reach out to them via multiple channels, communicating in their preferred language, thus making the contact tracing process quicker, easier and far more efficient.

To know more about our contact tracing services, contact us today.