You know your business best — that’s how you’ve built it to successfully showcase the services and products you offer to clients. Providing excellence in customer service can be another matter entirely, however. That’s when it makes sense to partner with Ameridial to provide a contact center solution that enables the highest possible customer care in all your business’s scenarios.

Our contact center services are specifically customized to benefit both your organization and your clientele — we don’t force-fit you into a one-size-fits-all solution that ignores your unique needs. And you always remain in control of client contact. Whenever you deem a change or transition necessary, we’ll work to facilitate it.

Robust Contact Center Solutions

Ameridial offers robust contact center solutions. While you may imagine outsourced call centers to be filled with banks of personnel providing nothing but telephone service to customers, our solutions are crafted a bit differently. For one, while we recognize the continued importance of telephone correspondence as a preferred modality for many of your customers, we also offer response availability in other areas. For instance, our contact center solutions include email, text message and online live chat functions, so we can best serve your customers in their preferred way. You know your clientele best, so the data you already have about their preferences can help us build a menu of offerings that includes just the right types of contact points.

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Experts When You Most Need Them

At Ameridial, we work to ensure that you’re covered by our contact center services only if and when you most need them. You may have a variety of scenarios that call for certain service components to remain internal to your organization.

We’ll work to provide the optimum outsourced experience for just those areas you decide you no longer want to manage internally. As our relationship develops, we’ll also work with you to adjust the scope of services provided whenever that becomes necessary. We can rapidly expand and contract to suit your unique needs.

In addition, we have the expertise and offer advanced technology to manage many of your customer contact opportunities in-house, which you can use in conjunction with our external call center. These options include IVR customization so callers can expertly navigate your phone system, custom email response templates and more.

Leading Onshore Contact Centers

The thought of outsourcing functions to a contact center makes some people shudder as they recall poor experiences with offshore centers. At Ameridial, our contact and call centers are all located here in the United States, although spread out geographically to capture the diversity of our nation.

Our onshore sites enable you to outsource these portions of your business without having to worry about time zones, language barriers or missed nuances during conversations. This allows us to seamlessly partner with your organization to provide the exact care necessary. Most of your customers will never even realize they aren’t working with someone internal to your organization.

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The Ameridial Advantage

Ameridial offers many advantages as an off-site provider of high-quality contact center solutions. Chief among these advantages is the length of time we’ve been serving customers large and small in many different business verticals. As the leaders in our industry for more than 30 years, you can count on us to run the most efficient contact centers, react most appropriately in all customer care situations and employ the best and brightest reps to represent your company to the world.Ameridial's contact center employees

We take pride in providing high-level training to all of our contact center employees, including specialty training so each individual is familiar with your primary business and can work tirelessly as your advocate to each customer with whom they interact. Whether your company is focused on healthcare, retail or automotive, or nonprofit, we can help build the perfect solution for your needs.

In fact, no matter your vertical, we can partner with you to design the best menu of inbound and outbound contact options and opportunities that best benefit your bottom line and leave your clientele delighted.

Making the Transition

Making the transition to an outsourced contact center company is as easy as beginning a conversation. We’ll work to understand your needs, partner with you to create an accurate scope of needs and offerings and then design a rollout plan that optimizes the changeover without disrupting your relationship with your customers.

Likewise, our team can help build the right solution for your budget, help you calculate the ROI you’ll likely experience and craft the compelling case for selling an outsourced solution to the leaders of your company. Then, we’ll manage the entire transition process so that your company and your customers experience low levels of disruption while focusing on enhanced service in the future.