Can Text (SMS) Be Your Next Healthcare Customer Support Tool?

SMS or textNowadays, many major hospitals, medical institutions, and private practices in the U.S. are opting for text or SMS alerts to communicate with their customers and staff. SMS or text proves to be a quick and reliable method of communicating short but essential messages. There are many reasons for this growing popularity of SMS customer service.

  • It’s Convenient– All cell phones receive text messages. Your members or staff don’t have to install any additional app to receive your messages. SMS works every time, on every phone. Therefore, you do not have to worry about whether your members will get your message or not. Technical glitches aside, there is no chance that your message won’t reach your target audience.
  • It’s Reliable and Effective– As per studies, 98% of all received SMS messages are read. So, there’s a higher chance of your message recipients getting your text messages than all other channels. Your members and employees may miss your calls or ignore email reminders, but they almost always read their texts. Therefore, you can stay assured that your text messages will be effective.
  • It’s The Popular Choice– Studies show that 66% of people prefer texting over phone and email. Being quick, short, and effective SMS has become a popular choice among people. Due to this, you can use SMS to confirm appointments, communicate schedule changes, and even send prescription reminders.

Uses Of SMS Customer Support In The Healthcare Industry

SMS alerts can be used to perform various tasks. Even in the healthcare industry, SMS, or text is used for multiple purposes. These are:

  • Appointment Reminder– A text is a perfect way to remind your members about their appointment a day before.
  • Appointment Rescheduling– You can even share appointment rescheduling link to your members via SMS in case they or your hospital staff are unable to make it to the appointment
  • General Alert– you can use SMS for conveying any alert, including change of business hours, the opening of a new department, etc.
  • Awareness Program– SMS can be the ideal tool for spreading health awareness among your members, which can, in turn, boost the start rating of your healthcare institute.
  • Survey– SMS or text messages can help you get quick feedback from your members, the result of which can be used to make necessary changes to improve member experience in your organization.

Benefits Of Using SMS As A Customer Support Tool

There are several benefits of using SMS as a customer support tool. When you team up with an experienced multichannel call center like Ameridial, you can easily reap all the benefits of SMS support and much more. SMS can perfectly blend into any existing customer service strategy and boost the customer satisfaction rate. Here are a few benefits of using SMS as a customer support tool:

Reduces the number of no-shows

A missed appointment is one of the most irritating aspects of the healthcare industry. With text messages, you can quickly remind your patients to honor appointments and get the care they need.

Reminds members to take their prescriptions

Medications can only work when your members remember to take them. Promote healthier life choices by reminding your members when it’s time to take their prescriptions.

Keep doctors and staff informed

Your members aren’t the only ones who will benefit from SMS messages or texts. It can be used to notify healthcare staff in case of significant schedule changes. With the right call center, it is easy to keep everyone informed through SMS and other relevant channels.

Quickly and securely sharing the test results with your members

As an important member of the healthcare industry, you must ensure that your members get essential messages relevant to their health as soon as possible. SMS brings you a scope to securely convey the message to your members by directly sending them secure links to test results as soon as they are available.

Gather feedback from patients that can be used to make changes

The best way to know where you can make changes to improve your quality of care is by asking your patients or members about how your healthcare practice can improve. With the right multichannel call center, it becomes easy to send polls and surveys.

Get shifts covered without delay

As SMS campaigns help you reach large groups all at once, you can use it to inform your entire staff in case you need a substitute to cover the shift.

These are some of the major benefits a healthcare institute can reap by incorporating SMS to their customer service and workforce management strategy. As your multichannel call center partner, Ameridial offers SMS or text support along with other customer support channels. To know more about how our SMS support solution or any other solutions can help you to serve your members better, contact us today!