3 Benefits the Right Call Center Brings During Your Holiday Rush

Holiday Retail SalesNo matter when your rush season is, a qualified holiday customer service center can help you handle customers and keep employee morale up. For many companies, especially in the retail niche, the biggest rushes come during the holiday season. Here are some of the benefits of working with the right retail call center to gear up and get through the holiday hustle.

1. It’s Easier to Scale-Up to Volume

Let’s face it. During the busy holiday retail season, calls about orders, returns and other matters can soar well above normal volumes, and staffing up to that level in-house may not make sense. Chances are you’d have to spend a great deal of time hiring and training staff that would only be temporary, and then you’d have to cut them all loose by February. Plus, many organizations simply don’t have the resources for this — including the space and extra equipment.

Outsource solutions, on the other hand, are designed to handle up-and-down scaling. Contact centers that specialize in the retail industry are adept at gearing up for a holiday push and then winding down after the fact, so they have plans, processes and resources in place to accomplish this seamlessly.

2. You Keep Customer Satisfaction Up

Keeping customers happy is important throughout the year, but the last thing retailers want is to drop the ball during the season that’s supposed to bring them out of the red and into the black. This can be a struggle, though, because the sheer demand on your systems can lengthen call volumes, increase error rates and make it more difficult to provide personalized, excellent service to every person who calls your company.

Shuffling work to a qualified retail customer contact center helps solve this issue. When you spread the work out to more available reps, call answer times should immediately go down. Plus, people aren’t scrambling to handle an impossible number of calls each hour or day, so they’re better equipped to provide accurate, quality service.

3. Employees Can Better Enjoy the Holiday Spirit

When you rely solely on in-house employees to deal with increased holiday call volumes, you can put your staff in a difficult position during the season. First, many people may want to take at least some time off to enjoy with friends and family, and chances are there are activities and events that staff members want to attend through the entire season. Bringing in retail outsourcing assistance lets you clear space in the schedule to allow for an increased number of time-off requests.

Plus, you might want to have a holiday event of your own, such as a company Christmas party or an end-of-year luncheon to thank everyone for their service. With an outsourcing partner, you can turn the lines over to outsourced resources so everyone on your team can join in on these types of events.

Finally, even if activities aren’t a concern, remember that the holidays can be a busy, stressful time for everyone. If work is blowing up at the same time, staff members may be likely to reach levels of frustration that cause morale (and work quality) to drop. It can even lead to people quitting. Having customer call service representatives shoulder some of the load can reduce these issues.

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