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Ameridial is a trusted bpo call center, USA business process outsourcing company, known for its innovative solutions and consulting, providing 24x7 bpo services for your global customers.

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BPO Services Provider to Enhance Your Business Operations

Many people assume that anyone can run a business successfully. The truth is far from this. Only an entrepreneur realizes the multiple challenges and the need to overcome these. If one fails to do this, the enterprise will perish in no time. If your business lacks a suitable bandwidth to tackle outbound and inbound calls, it is time to hire reputed BPO services providers.

A call center plays a significant role in business development and management. This unit looks after the non-core operations. Small venture owners do not have the skills, tools, and trained employees to meet customers’ expectations. Studies show that 51% of patrons demand a response from customer care executives under five minutes. Failure to meet this need reduces customer satisfaction.

A BPO or Business Process Outsourcing company will extend a helping hand. Business clients can outsource one or more operations to a third-party service provider. Ameridial’s retail BPO services comprise a team of experienced agents. These professionals make both inbound and outbound calls on behalf of the client.

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Ameridial Offers Potent BPO Facilities for These Industries

Many third-party organizations operate in the market. Experts say it is unwise to take chances when the survival of your business is on the line. At Ameridial, we understand your concerns. We have a spotless experience of over 30 years in the customer care industry. We offer befitting patron and business support services to medical centers, automobile, retail stores, insurance, and non-profit organizations.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure clients’ satisfaction. For this, we regularly revamp our policies and procedures to boost customer satisfaction. As a BPO service provider, we will increase your market reach, increase credibility, and improve brand image. Our trained agents will accomplish multiple tasks to ensure effective customer retention. Thus, Ameridial will play a crucial role in your business development.

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BPO Services Our Inbound Agents Offer

Multiple business houses from different sectors trust our inbound services. Joining hands with Ameridial will push your business towards new heights of success. We do not believe in a standard solution package. Our client managers understand that each enterprise has different issues, which need specific techniques. Here is a list of inbound service that you will receive from our agency:

Excellent Customer Service

We have a unique approach towards patron care. Ameridial treats each shopper with equal importance. The main objective of our retail BPO services is to resolve callers’ problems. As customers feel like a VIP, it strengthens their bond with your brand. Ameridial agents strive to solve the issue on the first call. Our meticulous services guarantee that a customer will buy from your company in the future.

Sales Support

The success of your venture depends on sales and revenue generation. You can join hands with our sales experts to milk lucrative opportunities. Ameridial evaluates your promotional messages across multiple platforms and boosts ROI. Our sales managers will become an extension of your in-house sales unit.

Prompt Response

Most business owners complain that they cannot respond to customer calls effectively. With Ameridial, you need not worry about this. Our team works in different shifts to guarantee round-the-clock patron support. Whenever your customers call, our agents will entertain them accordingly.


Your patrons often face technical issues. They need quick and effective solutions. Ameridial provides call center outsourcing services to assist shoppers. We have access to technical experts. They will communicate with customers, assess the issue, and provide befitting solutions.

Order Processing

Sales specialists play an important part in order placement and processing. We exercise customer interaction to increase the value of orders. Ameridial implements the best sales techniques and practices via inbound calling.

Lead Qualification

Your sales team needs contentious leads in the marketing pipeline. It helps them to make more sales without any obstructions. Not all leads that come in are bankable. At Ameridial, we can qualify these leads. Thus, you can convert leads into loyal customers easily.

Apart from these facilities, Ameridial offers specially created solutions for the medical sectors. Appointment setting with existing and prospective patrons is another service that will improve sales opportunities.

Geographical Diversity in Call Centers
Working with a Call Center

Outbound Call Center Services

If inbound calling increases customer experience, outbound calling boosts venture development. When in-house employees make outbound calls, it paves the path for improper resource utilization. Appoint the services of Ameridial for this. Our agents will do a better job and guarantee positive results. Our BPO services will reach out to target audiences and supply good/service-related information. Here are crucial outbound facilities, which maximize results.

Outbound Lead Acquisition and Qualification

It is unwise to depend on organic lead inflow. It takes ample time. Ameridial can ease your troubles with outbound lead generation. Our experts collect and assess incoming leads. They filter promising leads. If these leads pass the qualifying tests, they go into the sales pipelines.

Appointment Setting

Customers do not entertain outbound calls during office hours. They cannot focus on the messages that calling agents provide. It does not yield any positive results. Our call center outsourcing agents will schedule appointments with prospective customers. Calling executives will get in touch with interested shoppers at a convenient time. It aids information dissemination and acquisition alike. Thus, our appointment setting facility will increase sales possibilities.

Data Security

Data is an essential commodity that drives business success. Failure to update data can spell doom for any venture. However, it takes time and requires modern tools and skills. Ameridial has the necessary resources to provide current and accurate data. Additionally, it is our responsibility to guarantee clients’ data security.

Telesales and Event Promotion

If you want to promote or sell an item over the telephone, appoint our services. We have seasoned telemarketing executives at our disposal. Ameridial also helps business clients with event promotion. Our calling agents will connect with interested shoppers and assist them with event registration.

Welcome and Reminder Calls

It is important to stay relevant in this competitive business sector. You need to remind customers of your presence, goods, and services. Out outbound agents will use patron data and make such calls. While welcome calls help establish a greater connection with new shoppers, reminder calls refresh bonds with former customers.

Customer Reacquisition

We categorize the customer base into two parts – active and dormant. Active patrons take regular actions in one way or another. It is rather challenging to push dormant patrons into taking action. Ameridial’s call center outsourcing facilities will win back such shoppers. Our win-back campaigns will increase the inflow of revenue in the company coffers. Trained outbound customer care representatives will be able to mobilize inactive patrons.

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Multichannel Communication Platforms from Our BPO Services

Communication between clients and shoppers is vital. It helps business owners inform shoppers about new goods/services. Shoppers cannot buy stuff if they are unaware of their availability in the market. Transparent and timely interactions can eliminate these issues. Our BPO services include sophisticate multichannel communication platforms for customer engagement.

Voice Support

Telephonic helplines or voice support is the most sought-after engagement channel. Technological advancements paved the path for many improvements in this communication mode. Ameridial has state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer this facility.

Chat Support

Live chat is the second most popular customer engagement model. Patrons dislike chatbots as they do not offer the human touch. With live chat, actual customer support representatives interact with shoppers and solve their problems.

Email Support

Some customers want a hassle-free pathway to communicate with clients or customer care agents. Email support from Ameridial will gratify such patrons.

SMS Support

Ameridial also offers an SMS communication avenue to interact with shoppers.


Our clients use social media and websites to reach out to interested customers. They want a channel that connects shoppers with agents from the sites. Ameridial suggests click-to-call button integration. Get in touch with our call center outsourcing representatives to know more about this.

Customizable IVR

The Interactive Voice Response system needs customization as per clients’ and customers’ needs. Proper IVR streamlines customers’ experience. It can point them towards correct information acquisition or issue registration. We will assess your business goals and needs. Accordingly, we will customize an IVR system, ideal for your venture.

Virtual Queue Call Back

At Ameridial, we realize that customers do not want to wait in the queue. We offer a special facility for such patrons. We suggest that business clients opt for virtual queue call back service. If helplines are busy, clients need not hold on. They can select the “call back” option and disconnect the line. The system records this data, and our agents will call the shopper as soon as they are free.

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Why Should You Hire Ameridial?

As mentioned, numerous agencies provide these services. Not all are as reputed and competent as Ameridial. Here are some reasons why clients trust our services:

  1. Trained agents and sophisticated tech-tools
  2. HIPAA/HITECH compliant call centers
  3. We follow all SOC2 standards when it comes to policy development
  4. Impressive and customizable service packages
  5. Competitive pricing models
  6. We guarantee customer satisfaction

Our client managers will be able to shed more light on this topic. You can call us on 888-480-8700 for a free quote. Check out our official portal for in-depth service-related information.

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