When Is the Best Time to Have a Call Center Pilot Program?

The concept of “trying before buying” is as important to the business world as it is in personal life. Your investment in your outsourced call center solution is significant, and making a change to a new provider isn’t a task to be undertaken lightly. A pilot program is a perfect opportunity to explore whether a new provider will be the right fit for your business needs. The best time of year to participate in a call center pilot program may be during the pocket of downtime many organizations experience between the holidays and the early part of the new year. Here’s why.

Transition Sales & Customer Service Duties During Downtime

Your pilot program has a lower transition impact than permanently switching all services to a new call center provider. However, pilot programs do still require input and expertise from your company’s internal workforce, as well as design work from company leadership that dictates the scope and feel of the outsourced work. Consider when key internal people will have the most availability to contribute to a successful pilot program. That time may be during the downtime after the holidays, after the rush of the season slows and before it picks up again in the weeks after the new year. Schedule your call center pilot program to align with that time to capture employees at peak availability.

Experiment with Call Center Customer Contact Points

Your volume of customer contact points will likely lessen after the rush of the holidays and remain at minimal volume for at least several weeks. While you do want customers available to test the call center pilot program capabilities, fewer calls and points of contact can enable a smoother transition. The call center employees staffing the pilot program can take this lower volume time to learn more about their expectations and duties so they can perform to standards.

Save Money During Transition

Transitioning to a new call center during a busy time period may incur extra costs, including overtime for internal employees and the cost of enhanced external labor to respond to increased demand. During your pilot program, your business will best benefit from a time period that leads to no additional costs. Then, instead of watching the budget before the contract’s even been signed, you can immerse in the call center experience and determine its benefits and challenges.

Take the First Steps Now

The level and quality of customer service you provide through your outsourced call center is important to the success and profits of your business. Take the first steps today; contact Ameridial to discuss your call center needs and set up the right time to bring a pilot program to your organization so you can experience it firsthand before signing on the dotted line.