B2B Telemarketing in Niche Industries: Benefits and Challenges

Business to BusinessWhen you provide goods and services to other businesses, getting the word out and connecting with the right clients can be a challenge. This is especially true in niche industries, where the client base is highly specific. B2B outsourcing services offer a solution with potential benefits for organizations that can overcome the inherent challenges in this process.

Why Businesses are Moving Forward with Outsourcing Sales

B2B telemarketing is actually one of the most effective methods for B2B sales and lead generation. It scores just under executive events and inside sales in these areas and comes in higher than tradeshow attendance, online marketing, and traditional advertising.

Here are some reasons this method still works so well in niche-based business-to-business sales.

  • Niche products may be complex or unique, requiring human interaction to explain them and correctly position the features and benefits to entice the consumer.
  • Not all business decision-makers want to go 100% digital with buying decisions; many prefer to ask questions about products and services on the phone or in person.
  • Phone calls let you establish relationships with potential clients, and that can eventually evolve into a business partnership. It’s harder to do that via other channels.

Challenges of Outbound Cold Calling and Lead Generation

One of the biggest challenges for niche-based businesses wanting to implement outsourcing sales calls is resource management. Whether you gamble on business-to-business cold-calling or want to follow up on leads generated by websites or conventions, making phone calls takes time. Especially when you consider the decreasingly likelihood of getting a person on the other end of the line every time you dial.

B2B telemarketers must make and remake calls in an effort to connect with leads, and not every lead converts. In the travel niche, the average lead conversion rate is 4%. You have to call 100 of those leads to get four sales. Even in media or financial services, where the average conversion rates are 10%, you’re still making a lot of calls.

Working With a Business-to-Business Call Center Partner

Many niche-based organizations simply can’t afford to maintain the type of call volumes it takes to convert enough leads. Their staff also needs to spend time managing marketing campaigns or serving existing customers, after all.

By outsourcing B2B sales calls tasks to a qualified telesales company, organizations can leverage the best of both worlds. In-house staff can manage day-to-day operations and handle clients once the conversion occurs. Meanwhile, the call center is putting the power of B2B telemarketing to work without impacting the existing business.

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