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Why work with us?

At Ameridial, you develop skills for life — not just a job. With our positions, you learn about amazing companies and gain in-depth knowledge and skills you can use throughout your career!

Ameridial offers many options to fit your needs for your future. We specialize in three divisional areas of client support, healthcare, retail sales and customer service and also nonprofit support.

Healthcare Support  – Specializes in the active field of customer service for regional health insurance plans and other health providers.

Retail and eCommerce  – Focuses on ecommercial sales and customer service for clients ranging from nutraceuticals to auto insurance.

Nonprofit Support – Works with nonprofit organizations and telefundraising efforts.

Who We Are

Headquarters for outsourced call center solutions in Canton, OhioFounded in 1987, Ameridial is one of the most experienced telemarketing companies in a multi-billion dollar contact center industry. We have been one of the nation’s Top 50 teleservices agencies since 1992. We are headquartered in Canton, Ohio and offer inbound, outbound, chats and email services and much more to our clients. Ameridial is now a proud member of the Fusion BPO Services Group. In January 2019, our firms joined forces, creating a brand that leverages Ameridial’s 30 years of experience in call center outsourcing and Fusion’s 15-year legacy in the BPO space. This also offers you opportunities to expand your career globally. Over the past 15 years, Fusion BPO has developed a global workforce of experienced professionals from the financial, travel, healthcare and retail sectors.

Ameridial encourages a fun and friendly work environment – in fact, 38% of our employees are referred by friends, family or current employees. We believe strongly in promoting from within – over 85% of the current management team has been from within the company. We also have work-from-home positions and strive to hire veterans.

It is Ameridial’s mission to serve and support our clients, employees and the communities in which we operate. We offer a job you can feel good about — serving a variety of clients in different industries with flexible work hours to fit your lifestyle.

Whether you are in retail, healthcare, or our nonprofit division, we will ensure you have thorough training. We coach and develop our team and will support you through your career path at Ameridial.

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Benefits of working at Ameridial

Ameridial offers a full range of benefits to our employees. Additionally, we have a strong history of community involvement, working with local charities to contribute our time, talent and spirit. We are proud to give back to help the communities where our employees live and work.

We strongly believe in promoting from within. If you want to grow with our company – we want to commit to your training and development. Your decision to join the Ameridial family is a decision you can feel good about – for a lifetime. You could be the next employee of the month, new supervisor, or member of management!

Employee Benefits:

  • Fixed and Flexible schedules with part-time, nights and weekend options
  • Competitive wages & incentives
  • Paid Time Off and Opportunities to earn additional PTO
  • Holiday bonuses
  • Credit Union & banking advantages
  • 401k with Company Contributions
  • Health and Wellness benefits
  • Dental, vision and life insurance available

Ameridial Supports:

  • Local food banks (year-round)
  • Toys for Tots
  • Community blood drives
  • Local schools fundraising efforts to support education programs
  • Adopt-a-Family during the holiday season
employee engagement
employee engagement
employee engagement

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Work at Home Opportunities

work at home call center usaAmeridial offers work-from-home positions as well. In today’s world, it can be vital to have the ability to be a remote worker. We offer a flexible schedule where you can make a good base pay plus great commission!

Our work-from-home program offers all the stability and professionalism of our call centers, named among the top outsourcers in the industry. We provide a base hourly wage, extensive paid training and coaching and the same benefits as working in our offices. Click on the link below to determine the system requirements needed.

System Requirement

Minimum system specification to operate as WFH –

  • Intel core i3 4100 or AMD Ryzen 1200 CPU @2.2 Ghz
  • 6 GB RAM
  • HDD 250 GB
  • Windows 10 as the Operating system
  • Antivirus with any brand of the computer
  • USB headset (Recommended models)
    • Logitech H390 USB
    • Jabra BIZ GN1900 series USB

Network Requirement (Internet Speed)

Minimum network band width to operate as WFH –

  • 10 MBP’s stable internet connection with wired connection.
  • For WFH, WiFi is not recommended as the internet connection.

Military Hiring

Our mission is to “Serve Those Who Served” by recognizing veterans of America’s armed forces and value their experience and skills.

Ameridial is a proud sponsor and registered company, #97658, on the Hire Veterans website and are eager to hire veterans and make efforts to source and attract military veterans and their families to meet that goal. Our staffing specialists attend local veteran job fairs, post opportunities on military job sites and consider military experience on resumes and applications as preferred experience. As an Employee of Ameridial you are able to career path into areas such as sales and customer service, training, quality assurance, accounting, payroll, client services, information technology, executive management and more.

Don’t just listen to us – Listen to real Ameridial Employees

5 reasons I Like My Job:
1. Coworkers, supervisors, boss
2. Freedom to choose days on or off
3. Work environment & location
4. Learning something new everyday
5. Set new goals for everyday instant gratification

JL, Customer Service Representative

I am thankful for my Ameridial family. I am privileged to work for a company where I am not just a number. Here, my opinion is heard and employees at all levels can give feedback. My team members welcome new hires and offer guidance and support. Everyone takes an interest in helping others succeed. We rally around each other through our struggles and celebrate our victories together.

JF, Call Center Manager

I love working for Ameridial. They make the team feel like family. Not many companies do. When I needed my schedule adjusted because of issues, they fixed it. I have and will ALWAYS recommend friends and family here. I love the way this company encourages reps to move into supervisory positions instead of hiring from outside. This is the only job where I am happy and plan on staying as long as I can.

JS, Customer Service Representative

I have worked for Ameridial for a little over 24 yrs. I started on the phones and moved up to office manager. I enjoy working with the company because they’re fair. They offer benefits and a great 401k plan. The people I work for and with are wonderful people. I hope to be here until I retire.

JE, Call Center Manager

Frequently asked Questions

You must be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or GED in order to apply for a job at Ameridial. We prefer a customer service and sales background as well.

Complete the online employment application at

We welcome rehires! Our recruiter will check on your past attendance and performance and your eligibility for rehire before scheduling an interview.  Please verify the location of the position before you apply as we have call centers in multiple states.

If you are unable to attend your interview or need to reschedule please reach out to the below location inboxes

  • Commercial
  • Work At Home Ohio &
  • Commercial & Healthcare North Carolina –
  • Healthcare

The candidates we’re interested in interviewing will receive a phone call from a recruiter to conduct a brief telephone interview. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to begin the interview process.

The Ameridial interview process begins with a telephone interview with one of our recruiters. This call covers basic employment information and determines preliminary qualifications and interest in the job. If there is mutual interest after the call, we schedule a personal interview at our office.

This interview begins with a series of online tests including a typing test, internet navigation and a personality test used to determine the Ameridial program that best suits each candidate. We conclude with a personal interview and tour so you can see the work environment. We will set the expectation on time frame so you know when you will hear from us regarding an offer.

You will receive your initial schedule during time of hire. Schedules for training may be different than your schedule for phone time. Schedules will be updated weekly. Schedules are based on the client’s needs and may vary as call arrivals vary. We will do our best to accommodate your personal needs. Communication is on daily and weekly bases through our Payroll system which will provide you with final schedules for the following week and allow you to comment any scheduling needs.
Ameridial understands the profound impact the COVID pandemic has had on the business world and has implemented processes and policies to keep our employees safer.

  • What will be the new operating procedures for employees working on site?

    We are taking care of those employees that express concerns with day care, wearing masks, debilitating conditions or in close proximity of family/friends that have debilitating conditions and will continue relaxed progressive disciplinary measures with legitimate concerns. We have received great cooperation from the team.

  • What is the proposed timeline?

    The plan will to be continuing to offer work at home as an option for employees who have a need or who continue to meet the system requirements and provide good service. If we have issues with connectivity or quality, we would bring them back in office. We are maintaining at least 50% of the staff at home for most of our clients.

  • What precautions will be taken to ensure employee safety?
    • Posted signs for policies and practices for social distancing, hand washing, face coverings and information regarding COVID-19 to help eliminate or reduce exposures.
    • We are providing masks in the office for those who do not have masks.
    • We are notifying employees conduct daily health checks and self-check temperatures prior to working and to stay home if they do have a fever. 
    • We also have a human grade laser thermometer to take temperatures on site.
    • We have increased maintenance for trash removal to allow no more than ¾ of the trash bins to be full.
    • We continue the hourly sanitizing of door handles, rails, lunch room, bathrooms and common areas.
    • We have taped off every other station in the call center and the training rooms to allow 6ft social distancing rules and posted ENTER and EXIT designations for each call center area. 
    • We are allowing employees to eat at their desk to minimize social gathering in the lunch room area.
    • We have increased the timeliness of ventilation cleaning and changing the filters
    • We have assigned chairs, desks and workstations to discourage sharing of equipment
    • Employees are provided wipes and disinfectant to clean their work stations
  • How often will work spaces be disinfected?

    Every Hour as we have been doing since March.  We have a signup sheet at the front desk for our leadership to volunteer to take shifts and we will continue this process as we bring individuals back into the office.