Ameridial Changes Its Brand Identity and Logo

Ameridial New LogoAmeridial (a Fusion Group Company) is excited to announce the launch of its new brand identity and a redesigned logo. The rebranding comes when we are evolving in terms of our service offerings and strengthening our presence across the globe.

How the Ameridial Brand is Changing

Logo : Ameridial has also redesigned its logo to highlight its relationship with its parent brand, Fusion, a global IT/ITES company that has recently revamped its brand identity. The new logo works seamlessly across all digital and physical channels. Some key features of our new logo are:

Color – The vibrant colors represent the alive, inclusive, and blended culture of Ameridial -a company committed to providing equal opportunity to all its employees. The lively colors also represent the youth, which is the main strength of Ameridial.

Shape – Ameridial’s logo is artistically shaped like an “A.” while the logo keeps the infinity shape and color scheme of the Parent brand, it also highlights Ameridial’s individuality. The logo also inherits a feeling of infinite possibilities that the group’s end-to-end customer solutions bring to the table. The upward arrow shape tells the story of our continued success and growth.

The dynamic and flexible new logo would better represent the growing nature of the company.

From the CEO’s Desk

“Our logo and brand identity have changed significantly better to represent our relationship with the parent brand, Fusion, while also retaining our individuality,” commented Kishore Saraogi, CEO of Ameridial. “Our new identity is innovative, modern, dynamic, and professional—words that represent not only our brand image but also the solutions we provide.”

The rebranding will surely help us expand our horizon in terms of solutions, innovation, and global footprint and embrace a new era of possibilities.