Ameridial will be at AHIP 2018

June 20-22, 2018 in San Diego, CA @ Booth 444

San Diego, CA

It’s Healthcare’s turn to visit San Diego! Just like our Retail & eCommerce team got to visit the city in April for the MTC Expo, the Healthcare team will be there for the AHIP Institute and Expo in beautiful June. We always look forward to this yearly event. The speakers and presenters represent some of healthcare’s top minds, and there is always something great to be learned. Many, many health plans gather together to share in their knowledge and work towards a better, more secure future for healthcare.

Be sure to come see us! If you’re attending, let us know! We’ll be at Booth 444.

Want to find the retail team? The Retail team will be in Las Vegas for the CCW Conference and Expo while Healthcare is at AHIP!

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