TTC Marketing Solutions has merged with an Ameridial

Effective immediately TTC Marketing Solutions has merged with an Ameridial, Inc. business unit to create TTC-Ameridial LLC that will focus on accelerating its leading position in the higher education market with enhanced capabilities and resources.

“We are excited to welcome the TTC–Ameridial team into our organization and to further expand the company’s impact in the higher education market,” affirmed Jim McGeorge, Chairman of Ameridial, Inc. TTC Marketing Solutions brings a 30 year history of providing competitive results oriented teleservices and core values that are a natural fit with Ameridial Inc. With a new capital structure and the other resources that Ameridial can offer, TTC-Ameridial will be able to pursue many new opportunities and better serve its customers.

Mary Shanley, President of TTC-Ameridial added: “this merger strengthens our future, and I am excited about the prospects before us. All of us at TTC-Ameridial remain focused on delivering the very best results for our customers.”

Ameridial was founded in 1987 by Jim McGeorge, under whose leadership the company has to grown to over 1000 seats across multiple locations in Ohio, North Carolina, Maine and now Chicago