7 Tips to Improve Customer Experience in Call Centers

Improved Customer ExperienceCustomer experience is one of the biggest business differentiators in modern times. A high-quality customer experience can drive customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Your brand gets the chance to improve CX every time the customers communicate with your brand through their preferred communication channel. Your outsourcing partner plays a major role in improving CX as they are in the frontline of brand communication.

As a reputed call center outsourcing provider with 30+ years’ experience, Ameridial understands a brand’s need to improve its CX constantly. We are committed to delivering excellent CX to our clients’ customers at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. We follow some simple yet effective steps that help us deliver our best in each interaction. Here are a few tips that we follow to deliver high-quality CX.

1. Know Your Customer

You may know a lot about your customers, such as demographics and expectations. However, your call center customer service team may not know such details.  To deliver a better CX, your call center customer service team needs to know your clients personally.

At Ameridial, we find that creating a customer persona often helps. If your primary customer base is females aged between 18-30, you can create a persona like:

  • Fiona Nash, 28
  • Single, living alone
  • Athletic
  • Loves sports and is a country music fan
  • Goes hiking almost every weekend

The customer persona gives you a face and makes it easier for your customer service agents to deliver better customer experience.

2. Pay Attention to the Customer Journey

Your customer service team interacts with customers at different stages in their sales cycle.  To deliver better CX, you need to interact with your customers in a manner that is based upon their position in the customer journey.

For example – a new customer and an existing customer will not receive the same communication from you. A new customer will receive a general welcoming greeting, whereas an existing customer will receive a more personalized and specific message.

With the proper use of CRMs, your call center outsourcing team will be able to track a customer’s journey and respond appropriately, resulting in a better CX.

3. Develop Emotional Connections

At Ameridial, we emphasize delivering emotive CX. Customers today prefer brands that share their values, care about what they want, and understand them. That is why we believe in developing emotional intelligence.

We encourage our agents to implement more emotionally intelligent communication to boost customer experience. We use storytelling and personalization to build a bridge between customers and agents. We also throw in surprises like a free upgrade or loyalty rewards to boost customer experience.

4. Decrease Customer Effort

Customers today want solutions like one-click checkouts, prompt communication, next-day shipping, fast service, and simplify their experience in call centers. At Ameridial, we combine both wants and work on offering the process easier for the customer. Little things like collecting customer phone numbers to call back in case of disconnection, providing additional materials through FAQ, knowledge base articles, or email can go a long way in reducing customer efforts and boosting customer satisfaction. Putting effort for first call resolution, too, can be an important step in that direction.

5. Ask for Customer Feedback

Regularly asking for customer feedback and opening up a dialogue about their likes and dislikes about your brand, call center, and customer service agents can go a long way in increasing customer experience.  When your customer knows that you are listening to their wants and needs and acting upon them, their satisfaction level gets boosted, leading to better CX.

At Ameridial, we encourage customers to participate in a short survey at the end of the interaction to know how and where we can improve the experience.

6. Train Your Team for Customer Experience in Call Centers

You need to train your team of call center agents on how to handle customers.  At Ameridial, we have a proper onboarding setup and an ongoing training process for our customer service team. We encourage them to think outside the box. These efforts have paid off for us many times, resulting in an improved CX.

7. Engage Where and How Customers Want

Customers today want to interact with a brand at their preferred time via their preferred communication channel. Therefore, brands too need to change their outlook. The days of giving out a phone number where you can call only during business hours are over. Most clients today do not prefer the phone as a communication mode. So, you should consider engaging with your customers through their preferred channel.

It can be email, chat, social media, or even text. Having a multichannel customer experience strategy is the key.

As a multichannel call center, Ameridial supports multiple communication channels, including phone, chat, text, social media, and email. It allows us to engage our clients’ customers where they are and at their preferred time. We have communication experts for each channel who can deliver an excellent customer experience while following the rule of the platform and using the right voice and tone.

If you pay close attention to how and where your customers interact with your brand, it can make the biggest difference in customer experience.

These are some practical tips to boost customer experience in call center.  As a reputed call center, we constantly use these tips to improve customer experience through our call center service offerings. To know more about how we can boost CX for your brand, contact us today!