6 Benefits Of Teaming Up With A Multichannel Contact Center

Multichannel Contact CenterIn this age of convenience, customers do not want to stick to a singular communication channel to communicate with yours company. They want to contact you via the channel of their choice, and at their convenient time, and they expect you to respond promptly via her channel of choice.  Not meeting the expectation may lead to unhappy customers who can decide to switch brands quicker than they switch communication channels.  Therefore, to ensure greater customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, having a multichannel contact center strategy has become very important for businesses.

Here are a few reasons why incorporating a multichannel contact center is imperative for the success of your business.

Benefits of Adopting a Multichannel Contact Center

1. Multichannel customer service boosts customer satisfaction:

As per McKinsey’s ‘Digitizing Customer Care Report’, 74% of respondents who used a variety of different traditional and digital channels reported a satisfaction rate of 60-65%, which was higher than the satisfaction rate of those using only traditional channels. Digital channels like social media and live chat have changed the way your customers communicate and search for information..

customer satisfaction

While traditional channels like voice support and email continue to add value to the customers and the business, ignoring these new digital channels can be a major risk to take.

2. Multichannel customer assistance builds stronger customer relationships:

Having a multichannel customer-centric service strategy can aid a new customer’s purchase journey. A multichannel contact center can:

  • Assist online users in their browsing and research
  • Update customers on order status, upsells and cross-sells with targeted emails and texts
  • Resolve issues quickly via voice support in the case of order processing issues due to technical glitches and payment failure.
  • Follow up with customers in case of cart abandonment and convince them to complete the purchase
  • Ensure customer loyalty and repeat business through various channels

Apart from that, with customer interactions getting collated across contact channels to be presented as a single view technology application in a modern contact center facilitate a more cooperative and integrated approach to customer satisfaction. As a result, today a customer does not have to describe their issue from the beginning during each interaction, and it increases their satisfaction with the brand.

3. Multichannel contact options add to the value of your product or service:

One of the key challenges every modern business face is implementing the right channel and deploying them for specific situation. For example, an email or quick SMS can let your customer know when a product is in stock. There is no need for voice support. A multi-channel contact center allows businesses to choose the most effective channel to satisfy their customer, in a cost-efficient way.

4. Multichannel contact centers easier to provide support to a global business:

If your business has centers all over the globe, having multiple contact channels can reduce business overheads significantly. Apart from phone, web chat and personal emails can prove to be an effective communication tool that provides the much-needed human contact to your customers and ensure better customer satisfaction.

5. Multichannel contact centers help you leverage cost-efficient digital channels:

The costs of digital channels of customer service are significantly lower than traditional channels. A contact center agent is capable of handling multiple live chat windows simultaneously. As a result, the average interaction costs come down and the efficiency of multi-tasking employees increases. As per a research by the Aberdeen Group, the agent utilization rates of businesses using live chat are 28.4%, compared to businesses that are non-users (3.1%). Many successful companies are using digital channels for web self-service, online forums, FAQs and community solutions to make substantial savings.

6. Multichannel contact centers can provide a human touch for modern online marketplaces:

For technology-based companies like ecommerce marketplace, online travel businesses or car rental companies, a multichannel contact center can add that much needed human touch. A phone call following up a poor experience rating can make your customers feel that you care for them and help online businesses build trust and loyalty.

Businesses today must realize that their customers’ expectations are changing everyday and if you cannot keep up with them, you are going to be obsolete. In order to keep your customers satisfied with the support you provide you need to think beyond traditional contact center channels like phone and email.  Of course, phone and email still play a major role in the customer service scene, but the new digital channels too are becoming increasingly popular among your customers. Therefore, it is time to team up with a multichannel call center partner like Ameridial and gain a distinct differentiating advantage over your competitors.