5 Ways to Improve Member Support in Your Call Center

improving member supportThe call center provides an opportunity to make a direct impact on member satisfaction. The time and investment spent in improving member support will positively affect your business, customer loyalty, and reputation overall. In a competitive market, this can be a clear advantage. The following tips will ensure you call center is operating at the highest level possible.

Hire Right

Great customer service starts with great hiring. When hiring new employees, look for candidates who show examples of going the extra mile for customers through previous experience. If you are searching for call center representatives who will excel with the customer, candidates with a proven track record of amazing service are the best bet. Candidates should also be dependable, empathetic, and conscientious. After all, the fastest way to turn off members is with a negative call center experience.   


Member support staff should have a thorough understanding of the business and how they can help members with products and services. Detailed training manuals, videos, and sample calls will help call center representatives learn how to handle a difficult customer, what to do when they do not have an answer to a question, etc.  Call center staff should be armed with all the tools they need to solve problems for members.

The goal of the training should be to exceed customers’ expectations, so it needs to be in-depth, hands-on and cover software, tools, and knowledge. Well-trained representatives increase member service quality, member loyalty, brand awareness, and revenue.  

Reduced Call Wait Times

One of the most frustrating situations for members is to be put on hold for a long time, without the chance to speak to someone live. There are many ways to keep hold time to a minimum, such as intelligent routing, which is an automated system that directs callers to the correct department, so their issues can be handled quickly.  It decreases call wait times and gives members a chance to speak with a representative sooner.

Preemptive Support

Companies that want to increase member satisfaction offer preemptive support. For example, a tutorial on how a member can sign up for coverage increases their satisfaction level and decreases the chances they will call with questions about their coverage. Every member should be provided with detailed information about products and services, so they have a solid understanding of their package. The return on investment will be significant.  

CEM Integration

A Customer Experience Management (CEM) system is used to monitor and analyze customer interaction. An integrated CEM enables a company to determine its customers’ needs, and the most common reasons they are calling. The company can then decide the best way for member support to handle the issues.   

Member satisfaction is the key to serving the mission of any organization and, of course, driving more revenue. Aside from helping to resolve the daily needs of members and customers, the call center is often the best opportunity to develop more meaningful connections with them.