5 Ways To Deliver Exceptional Mobile-First Customer Service To Your Customers

Mobile-First Customer ServiceWith more than 87% of customers today using mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet to make purchases, it is no longer possible for businesses to ignore the importance of handheld devices. These devices also support a wide variety of communication channels – from email and voice to chat and text. Therefore, businesses have a sea of opportunity to provide customers with an exceptional customer experience by using mobile customer service to its fullest potentials.

However, many businesses are yet to grasp the benefits of mobile customer service and are not using it to its full potential. As a result, the customers are starting to look for businesses that offer a mobile-friendly customer experience. Standing today, not having a mobile-friendly, easy to use customer service is nothing short of suicide as it slowly drives your customers away.

To provide your customers with an excellent customer experience through their mobile devices, you need to figure out what your customers expect from you.

The millennials are the tech-savvy consumer segment with the purchasing power today. They are also the prime advocate of timely and seamless service via their channel of choice – from self-service to social media. So, when you design a new customer service strategy, you need to keep all these aspects in mind and make necessary amendments to improve customer experience.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Prominently Display Your Customer Service Button

First of all, make sure that customers do not have to look for the customer service number on their tiny mobile screen. Your mobile website or app landing page must have a one-tap button to contact customer service in a place where everyone can find it. It will save your customers’ time and improve the customer experience.

2. Provide An Efficient Way To Contact Customer Support From The Mobile

When any of your customers have a query regarding any of your products or service while visiting your website or app via a mobile device, he or she must not have to leave the product or service page they are currently on to communicate with your customer support team.

Each of your pages should have a prominent, but non-intrusive call-for-support or chat-for-support button that allows your customers to communicate with you without leaving the page. This way, they will be able to see the product number or other details related to their query while communicating with your chat support team or inbound call center agent.

3. Offer Mobile-Friendly Self-Service

Customers today prefer self-service as it helps them efficiently resolve their issues without anyone’s help. Therefore, you should offer plenty of self-service materials i.e., mobile-friendly FAQs, documentation, and self-support videos to your mobile-savvy clients.

4. Offer Support Through Multiple Channels

To deliver exceptional customer experience, you need to go beyond the regular customer service channels like phone and email and provide stellar customer service via chat and text as well. This way, your customers will have access to you via multiple communication channels and can use any of them to get in touch with you.

5. Find The Right Multichannel Call Center Partner

You need to find the right call center partner to provide prompt service to your customers via their choice of communication channels. For that you need to hire a call center that is:

  • Experienced – you need a call center that has previously worked with your industry and understands the industry demand.
  • Efficient – your additional resources should be at least as efficient as your inhouse customer support team so that they can work seamlessly with each other to provide your customers with exceptional customer experience.
  • Multichannel – to support customer service requests via multiple channels, you need a multichannel call center as your contact center partner.
  • Compliant – you must ensure that your call center partner must be compliant with the rules and regulations related to your industry to avoid paying hefty fines.

These are some of the easiest ways to improve your customer service to deliver excellent customer experience via mobile-device. If you are not already on board, it is time to join the mobile-first customer service trend. For more information on how a multichannel call center can help you deliver better mobile customer service, contact Amerdial today!