Ways Ameridial Can Help You Acquire New Customers

Acquiring New CustomersYour company is growing, and customer engagement and acquisition are becoming problematic because your company doesn’t possess the expertise to develop workable solutions to the problems you are encountering. Rather than stumbling around in the dark experimenting with different techniques you have seen and or heard about at conferences, you chose to hire an outsourcing company that specializes in all the areas that you are weak in.

One of the best outsource contact center agents in the marketplace is Ameridial for your customer acquisition needs. We have a long history of servicing American business and results that put us head and shoulders above the competition.

Here are five ways that enlisting the help of a leading call center can help with managing customer prospects.

1 – Offering a Full Range of Client Support Services

As a full-service call center, Ameridial runs the gamut from telesales, lead generation and appointment setting, direct response broadcast advertising, direct marketing support, and web-based marketing.

2 – Specialized Telephone Sales Training

All of the top telemarketing centers will develop and train telesales individuals that will provide support for front-end metrics and back-end metrics that are cost-effective and will maximize profits.

Lead generation and appointment setting must be an area of strength. They keep salespeople selling – not cold calling – as they are adept in determining decision makers, pre-qualifying potential customers and will educate prospective clients on the nature of your business.

3 – Anticipating and Managing Customer Service Call Spikes

For direct response broadcast advertising campaigns, the best customer service call centers offer 24/7 call answer service and can anticipate call volume spikes and be ready with agents to answer the phone. They have proven success in the front-end, with higher rates of up-sells and cross-sells while maintaining consistently high-quality back-end results.

4 – Identifying Objections and Preparing for Future Marketing Campaigns

Direct marketing support identifies objections to buying, defines benefits that weren’t spoken to in the mail-out, determines when a prospect is ready to buy and gathers email addresses for future campaigns for your company.

5 – Proprietary IT Features:Web-Chat & Click-to Call

Online marketing support is technical in nature and can have a huge impact on your business. The Web-Chat function and Click-to-Call function are applications that were created in-house to service Ameridial customers, and a few lines of code or a license from the IT department brings those functions to life on your company’s site.

Web-Chat allows us to send out promotional video or documents directly to your customers to answer questions that push a deal to closure. The Click-to-Call function will queue an outbound call to the prospect for the purposes of speaking to a live agent and the duration is five minutes or less from the time the first call is placed from a prospective customer.

Technology in business communication is the future and Ameridial is in the vanguard of technological developments that are driving customer acquisition and retention.

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