5 Most Significant Benefits Of Adding Live Chat To Your Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce live chatWhile e-commerce businesses are booming nowadays, they still suffer from several challenges. One such major problem is that their prospective customers often leave their sites without purchasing as they cannot find any purchasing assistance that can resolve their queries.

Ecommerce businesses suffer from a lack of purchasing assistance, which results in potential customers leaving their site without purchasing anything. Studies show that 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person during an online purchase is among the most important features a website can offer.

While shopping online, your customers can have questions regarding a product, and they will want a quick answer to those queries. They are not going to wait for an email response or in a phone queue for the answer. They will leave and take their business elsewhere.

Live chat support can help you root out the problem and help you gain more business. Here are the five biggest benefits for e-commerce stores.

1. Live chat is a time-saver for both your customers and your company

According to studies, 73% of customers say that a company valuing their time is the most crucial part of excellent customer service. Offering live chat is the most effective way to save your customers’ time – they do not need to leave their shopping to get answers or to call you or wait for your agents to respond to their emails.

Other than saving time, live chat can help your company time too. Studies show that a chat support agent can handle as many as 6 chats simultaneously. So, if your call center partner has an efficient chat support team, you will be able to answer all customer queries efficiently. Besides, you will need to pay for only a few chat support agents.

2. Live chat answers customers’ queries before they turn into hesitations

When your customer has a question, and they cannot find an exact answer to it, they are likely to hesitate before making a purchase. Soon, the hesitation can turn into doubt and steer a potential customer away from your site.

Even if one of your team members answers an email query within an hour or two, the customer has already lost momentum within their purchasing journey. It’ll take a lot of effort to get that potential customer to return to your store than it would have if their questions could’ve been answered in almost real-time.

Live chat gives customers a chance to get answers right away so they can keep shopping confidently.

3. Live chat keeps customer communications on brand

When you embed live chat directly into your e-commerce website, you are ready to deliver a seamless customer support experience.

Since live chat is written communication, it can work as an extension to the conversion started by your website.

Your customers do not need a mindset adjustment to interact with a live chat agent. Live chat agents, too, can respond in the same tone of voice as your website to ensure a seamless experience.

4. Live chat offers you valuable customer insights

With live chat, it is possible to ask customers for feedback within the conversation, right after your chat support agents have solved their problem. It makes providing feedback easier for them than a follow-up feedback phone call or email customer satisfaction survey.

Apart from that, as live chat happens in real-time, you can capitalize on the momentum of interaction without delay and get valuable customer insight.

Live chat can also offer you access to analytics, which allows you to track customer behaviors as they take place. You can gain insights about when a visitor opts for chat, the common issues with your site’s customer experience.

5. Live chat gives your e-commerce store a humane touch

In a live chat, a responsive chat box offers instant customer support from a real person. It feels more like a traditional store experience than just having a phone conversation or an email interaction.

Live chat can also be programmed to pop up proactively with an amicable “How can I help you,” which will resemble an in-store experience, offering enhanced customer experience.

There are five ways live chat support can benefit your e-commerce store. Due to it’s quick, personal, and convenient nature, live chat has already gained popularity among customers. 79% of customers today prefer service through online chat. It is the customer communication channel with the highest level of customer satisfaction (92%). According to a study conducted in 2016 by the American Marketing Association, implementing live chat on a company’s website can boost conversions by up to 20%. Moreover, live chat for sales has a 300% return on investment (ROI).

Therefore, having a live chat option on your e-commerce website is no longer a nice to have feature. It has become a necessity. However, merely embedding live chat into your website will not do the trick for you. To deliver seamless customer experience through live chat, you need to team up with an eCommerce call center partner with chat support expertise like us.