3 Ways To Use Call Center To Improve Customer Experience In Retail

Customer Experience In RetailThe digital age has changed the retail industry beyond recognition. However, there are a few things that remain constant. Take customer service, for example. Even after the eCommerce boom, customer service remains a key differentiator of modern retail business. From a friendly face at the checkout and a useful suggestion at the aisle to customer interaction with your retail call center – everything helps you sculpt your customer’s experience with the brand.

As more and more people are using online shopping, they are more likely to interact with your contact center. Therefore, you must pay as much attention to customer interaction via your contact center as those that take place in-store.

A contact center interaction often allows you some critical insight regarding your customer behaviour leveraging, which you can drive a genuinely customer-centric experience. Here are three ways to use retail all center data to boost customer experience.

1. Identify Customer Issues in Almost Real-Time

Think of your contact center team as a focus group. Your customers don’t call your contact center to have a friendly chat. They call because they have a question, an issue, or a need they want to be resolved or fulfilled. All these interactions hold valuable information. What queries, needs and issues are your agents coming across most often? Are some of these issues are immediately solvable?

With the help of robust contact center analytics, you can get trending topics and keywords almost in real-time. By monitoring these trends, a call center can address the problems and take immediate action before you lose business or your trust capital, which is always beneficial to your business. By offering a quick solution to the issues, you can resolve the queries of many of your customers without them asking for it.

2. Understand Customer Behavior

Customers today are looking for a curated assortment of products curated to their needs. Therefore, having a random product assortment is not going to wow them. To know what your customer wants and needs, you need to be able to listen to customer voices to figure out what are their likes and dislikes. Doing so will allow you to deliver a more personalized experience to your customers.

For example, an online retailer uses analytics from its call center partner to create and perfect a list of its most popular products. They can cross-reference customer demographic data to build unique top-product lists for each segment of its customer base. Then the lists can be fed into their e-commerce platform; specifically, its “Products You Might Like” section. It will drive more sell. Thus, contact center data can be used to drive an intelligent and targeted cross-selling strategy and deliver a highly personalized customer experience.

3. Hone Your Marketing Strategy

Data mining in your contact center does not only remain in the customer service floor. It can be used throughout the organization to bring more business. Your marketing team can use contact center data for sentiment analysis. It reveals your customers’ views on your advertising campaign and your brand. You can also utilize the data to understand how customer sentiment differs from one product to the other and use the knowledge to create the most effective marketing messages. Using the data, your marketers can reach the right audience through the right channel and at the right time.

Call Centers Help To Drive Customer-Centricity In The Retail Business

Digital influence continues to transform retail in unexpected ways, and the voice of the customer remains a vital indicator of the navigating change. The information and data that can be derived from customer interactions through your call center partner are invaluable. You should leverage this data to create a unified experience across all customer touch-points.

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