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How do you dial down the churn?

Your business is to attract and serve customers. Our business is to keep them.

We understand the “hot button” issues in your industry. Customers in wireless, cable, satellite and traditional phone service are constantly looking for better deals and lower prices.

That’s why it’s critical to choose a contact center partner with Customer Service Reps specifically trained to handle the challenges you face. We know your customers will agree – high-quality, Tier 1 tech support service trumps any low-cost discount deals.

With Ameridial as a partner, you fill customer requests efficiently, activate accounts quickly, reduce errors and resolve problems. That brings down your costs, increases revenues – and creates loyal customers.

But there’s more. Ameridial also helps you increase sales of targeted products and services – because we understand what customers want from wireless, cable, satellite and telephone companies.

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Your mission is our mission: Get customers. Keep customers.
Ameridial helps you…
  • Cut down customer churn – by improving your customer interactions and satisfaction
  • Reduce internal operating expenses – making your business more cost-effective
  • Improve scalability — so you respond and grow when demand is high
  • Increase your revenue growth and margins – with prospecting, leads and win-backs
  • Do what you do best — focus on your core competency
Use Ameridial expertise in supporting your industry:
  • Wireless
    • Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)
    • Cell Phone Service Providers
    • Smart Phones And Tablets
  • Cable
    • Broadband Internet
    • Television
    • Phone
  • Satellite
    • Broadband Internet
    • Television
  • Traditional telephone local and long distance services
    • Broadband and DSL
Ameridial provides you leading-edge quality in:
  • Customer Service
    • Call Overflow, After Hours and Disaster Recovery Support
    • Account Activations, Wireless Number Porting and Updates
    • Welcome Call Programs
    • Billing Inquiries and Outbound Payment Reminders
    • New Customer Activation and Provisioning
    • Coverage Area Questions
    • Lost Phone Resolution
    • Tier 1 Technical Support
    • Cancelation and Retention Programs
    • Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • Market Research
    • First Party Collections
    • 24x7x365
  • Sales
    • Pre-Sales Prospecting, Lead Generation and Qualification
    • Direct Sales, Up-selling and Cross-Selling Programs
    • Win-Back Program
Multi-Channel Services are essential.

Ameridial is there, no matter what channel your customer uses…

  • Voice, Click-To-Call Virtual Queue Call-Back
  • Email, SMS, Web Chat, Outbound IVR, IVR Self-Help

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Our Customers Say

Since the start of the program, our relationship with Ameridial has added to the success of our customer acquisition strategy.”
Brad LaTour, Senior Vice President @ InPhonic

Case Studies - We Make It Happen For Ameridial Clients
The Client

$1 billion company providing broadband satellite products and services to consumers in rural markets

The Challenge

To balance a solid front-end sales conversion on inbound sales calls with a strong back-end installation rate. The client has been utilizing a successful multi-vendor platform for DR Sales which drives calls to the top performing center(s).

The Goal

Find a single partner to support multi-channel direct marketing initiatives

The Solution
  • Ameridial provided a new pool of qualified agents to improve service levels while meeting or exceeding sales conversion and quality requirements
  • Developed intelligent routing to drive calls to the highest performers
  • Consistently meet or exceed client in-house sales conversions and order sizes
  • Improved first contact upsales and back-end free product offer cross sales rates
  • Reduced cost per call and overall cost per order with increased call volume
  • Optimized client’s internal staff
  • Successfully deployed as a disaster-recovery/continuance plan
The Client

A leader in cost-effective, global, single-number mobile solutions for international business travelers

The Challenge

Provide turnkey lead generation and qualification support for the entire US-based operation

The Goal

Improve both new customer acquisition and retention of existing customers

The Solution

Ameridial provided a turnkey core program for inbound and outbound lead generation and qualification, and sales to highly targeted segments of business decision-makers. We manage the customized end-to-end solution design, development, testing, deployment, QA and continuous improvement.