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Life is full of choices every day. For the consumer, every purchase is a decision. For the retailer, it’s all about convincing the consumer to choose their product or service over the competitors, each and every time.

We provide call center services for a number of industries, but few marketplaces more competitive than that of retail. It’s about offering value and good products; it’s about establishing a brand and generating sales. But at the helm of all of that is good, old-fashioned customer service. That’s because customers are people. And at the end of the day, it’s the service that is the difference maker in the myriad of decisions placed in the hands of the consumer.

You’ve got their attention with your product. How do you convince them to purchase today? How do you convince them to purchase again and again? How do you convince them to rave about your product or service to their friends, family, and neighbors? It all comes down to exceptional customer service.

That’s why as a retailer, engaging the service of the right retail call center isn’t just a shrewd business move; it’s a necessity for your successful operations. We are proud to say that we provide the very best in contact center solutions for retail in the industry.

At Ameridial, we know retail intimately, which is how we’ve become “the” retail contact center.

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What Does Good Customer Service Look Like?
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Customer service in retail isn’t rocket science, but it takes a particular commitment to excellence to get its full value as a business tool. It’s about engaging a lot of the basic principles that we’ve been taught, not just as employees of an award-winning retail contact center, but as human beings. Treat others as you’d like to be treated- with respect, enthusiasm, care, and kindness. It’s all about building trust so that you can build a relationship to solidify your presence as that consumer’s retailer of choice.

Knowing that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, we have our best foot forward each and every time we connect with one of your customers.

But how do we know that we are connecting? We use hard facts and data to measure the effectiveness of our service. We utilize first-rate analytics to determine customer satisfaction, customer behavior, buying patterns, all with an eye to improving customer experience, fostering customer loyalty and generating revenue.  We commit to exceedingly high service standards, which include quality, results-driven interactions, and proactive first-call resolution rates

Tomorrow’s Sale is Only as Good as Today’s Customer Service

Because we are a call center for retail that is solution-focused rather than incident-focused, we engage our best practices to make sure that your customers are attended to and satisfied. We resolve complaints proactively. We lend a genuinely sympathetic ear to disgruntled customers. We get customers the information that they need when they need it.

We understand what customers want; a good product at a good price, yes. But they also have very clear expectations when it comes to service. They don’t want to be waiting around for an answer. They expect an experience that involves a seamless transfer of service across all channels and departments. Our retail call center mimics your established processes so that the focus and messaging are consistent.

It is back-end quality that makes the difference in retail. This is Ameridial’s guiding principle as a retail contact center.

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Our Comprehensive Contact Center Solutions for Retail
For inbound services, we offer:
  • Order processing with an emphasis on up-selling and cross-selling, with customers directed from catalog and online shopping, as well as from direct marketing campaigns
  • Marketing moxie. Targeted support for your marketing campaigns, including email, direct mail, multimedia campaigns (online, radio and T.V.)
  • Customer service that makes a difference in each customer interaction, with the goal of customer loyalty and retention. This applies to customer inquiries (product info, purchase status, credit card status, return status and billing inquiries).
  • Knowledgeable staff who field calls regarding product recalls and consumer affairs
  • IT support
  • After hours support
  • And more!
Outbound services include:
  • Customer satisfaction data gathering, including customer satisfaction surveys, and market research
  • Proactive customer communication, including payment reminders, welcome and thank you calls,
  • Sales focus with direct sales, lead generation, and subsequent appointment setting
Top Notch Technology:
  • State-of-the-art phone systems for retail call centers, including click-to-call and virtual queue call back.
Why Choose Ameridial?

There are a number of reasons why we’re so successful at what we do and why our retail clients sing our praises. We have a heavy focus on training that begins with a full understanding and integration of your brand and corporate culture. We encourage our clients to participate actively in our training sessions and planning.

Our training curriculum is customized to your business’s needs; we make sure that we include top performers and experienced staff members for ongoing leadership and mentorship. There is a progressive graduation progress, to ensure best-in-class training is combined with on the job experience. Training is ongoing, with frequent refresher courses offered.

In addition to training in our customer service principles and on your company’s specific customer service needs, we mandate our staff to undergo sensitivity training in the art of care and compassion, which goes a long way in a retail contact center. We believe in building relationships, which is why you can expect the focus of a single account executive to take care of your needs.

You can trust us, and we have the awards and certifications to back our reputation.

  • CRM Excellence Award recipient (annually since 2008)
  • Strict adherence to compliance (we feature our own in-house compliance department)
  • We are also HIPAA/HITECH, FISMA, and PCI compliant and certified, exceeding industry requirements 

You are positioning your company for growth by identifying solutions that will help you streamline operations while boosting efficiencies and revenues.

There are no “better hands” in which to leave the care of your valuable customers. It’s like getting the best of both worlds: your expertise in your industry, coupled with our proven success as a premier call center for retail.

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