About DCCI

At Donor Care Center, Inc. (DCCI), our mission is to provide the best value in the marketplace for nonprofit organizations seeking quality teleservices solutions. DCCI boasts a staff of veteran tele-fundraisers and partners with over 60 nonprofit organizations with the majority being pro-life, conservative, faith-based and humanitarian in nature.

Donor Care Center is the nonprofit arm of Ameridial, a North Canton, Ohio-based company that has served the nonprofit community since 1987 and developed the very first outsourced residential volunteer recruitment call center solution. In 2007, Ameridial launched Donor Care Center to focus exclusively on serving the nonprofit marketplace. Donor Care Center combines one of the oldest and most efficient nonprofit fundraising call centers in the country with a team of the most experienced nonprofit fundraisers in the industry. Our senior management team represents over 100 years of experience, more than any other fundraising call center in the industry. This team of fundraising experts has a common purpose of helping respected nonprofit organizations realize the untapped potential in their donor bases.

DCCI provides in-depth strategic planning and analysis. We work with our clients to effectively integrate non-profit fundraising into their overall direct marketing mix, maximizing the effectiveness of the overall direct marketing fundraising and donor development strategy. Our blended inbound/outbound call center platform makes DCCI’s operation extremely efficient. As a result, we are very cost competitive. We invest in the things that really provide a return to our clients. Our goal is to ensure that as much of the money we raise as possible, goes toward funding the cause for which it was given.

Our Breakeven Guarantee

Because we serve nonprofits, we believe we are obligated to ensure that as much money as possible goes to fulfilling our client’s mission. We even guarantee breakeven on lapsed donor calling. Additionally, we invest in the things that make a positive impact for our clients. We create an environment where people enjoy coming to work and interacting with each other. Finally, to get more of the money we raise back to our clients, we simply accept lower profit margins than most of our competitors because it’s the right thing to do!

Certifications & Affiliations
DMA Nonprofit Federation
Top 50 Teleservices Agencies