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In a dynamic industry like healthcare, you need exceptional teleservices as a matter of business practice to be competitive. For healthcare providers and payers alike, Ameridial offers value and the opportunity to leverage our award-winning call center experience with our healthcare call center services.

As a known leader in healthcare call centers, we’re pleased to offer comprehensive, inclusive services, including Indemnity, HMO, EPO/PPO, Medicare, Medicaid and Healthcare Exchange Health Plans, Pharmacy Benefit Management and Point-of-Purchase Discount Plans.

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In Healthcare, Experience Matters
HIPPA Compliant call center for healthcare

We have our roots in healthcare experience. All the way back to 1987, our first client was a national health organization that enlisted our help to gather volunteers. Even at our inception, we understood fundamentally how to combine professionalism with deep personal connection, which is crucial to meeting specific service needs in this industry. That’s how we’ve built our solid reputation among contact center solutions for the healthcare industry.

Ameridial has decades of experience serving industries with call center services and highly trained, best-in-class employees. Our focus is on attentive service. Our highly trained employees are engaged and proactive, priding themselves on consistently providing the very best in healthcare customer service. What sets us apart, though, is our management team all who come from the health insurance companies and our staff who embraces and promotes your brand. We examine our service through the eyes of your members, clients, and patients and understand how essential their perception of transparent, integrated service is.  This is just one of the many ways that we’ve established our leadership in providing contact center solutions for healthcare.

Rigid Attention to Healthcare Compliance

You don’t just need a superior healthcare call center; you need a healthcare call center that is proactive when it comes to compliance. Our staff boasts a rich history of experience in compliance, specifically. We actively engage  compliance participation in:

NIST, HHS, OCR, CMS, X12, NCPDP and, Public Comment.

We’re aware of the constant change in this dynamic industry. We assist with your healthcare customer service solutions by identifying these changes on your behalf. If you’re not able to harness the power of change as the industry moves, then you’ll be left behind. Let us help you propel into the future. We are HIPAA/HITECH compliant, adhering to the best practices and guidelines.

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Choose Award-Winning Healthcare Call Center Services

Ameridial offers innovative, award-winning healthcare call center services built on experience, with genuine interest in helping others and by providing relevant solutions that help drive profitability. Our state-of-the-art tools and processes will help you streamline operations while delivering top-notch patient care.

Why should you consider us for your healthcare call center outsourcing? Simply, there are nuances to the service side of this industry that come with experience, but also come from a compassionate dedication to the service that we deliver. In addition to understanding the technology and the service principles, we have the soft skills that package that service to your patients. We can successfully say that we integrate compassion with care.

Given the changing landscape of healthcare, it’s always worthwhile to streamline operations to boost productivity to enhance your bottom line. In your front office, we can help with patient scheduling and appointment reminders support with insurance verification and processing, as well as with outbound referrals to physicians. For your back office, our expertise extends to claim management/status, revenue recovery, and billing, patient contact for Lab/X-Ray results and patient care, including surveys and retention.

No matter your need for healthcare customer service outsourcing, we’ve got it covered with our skill set. Count on us for help with: clinical trials, dental care, pharmacy, vision care, and proactive scheduling for healthcare screening. We’re also proactive from an outbound perspective, maintaining contact with patients, building a stable healthcare relationship.

Comprehensive and Compliant Service

The best customer service is comprehensive, in the sense that you’ve got to understand both the delivery of the service – and how it meets the needs of the client directly. It is of untold value that much of our staff has drawn their healthcare call center services experience working for national carriers, both in-house and working with outsourced vendors, so they truly understand your needs. They also know how best to deliver that service to members and clients. We have a track record of increasing S.T.A.R. ratings and reducing FCR and CTM ratings.

Given our roots are in healthcare, compassionate customer service is more than a company culture; it’s how we operate fundamentally.

We support commercial, government and employer group insurance products. Our healthcare call centers help with inbound services (member and customer service support, billing, customer inquiries and claims status, as well as comprehensive after hours support).

For outbound support, we specialize in welcome calls to new members, follow-up calls on behalf of members and/or providers and payment reminders.

We’ve mentioned our adherence to compliance. We accomplish this with an in-house compliance department.

Our compliance certifications include:

  • CMS audited and approved BCRC subcontractor status.
  • HIPAA/HITECH compliant
  • NIST 800-30 Compliant (Risk Assessment)
  • 800-53 Compliant (Information Security)
  • We are SSAE-16 Type 2 audited

At Ameridial, we recognize the role we play in patient and client contact, and we take that role seriously. This is why we should be your healthcare call center of choice. Curious to find out how we can help you provide value and exceptional service with our healthcare customer service solutions?

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