Outbound Telefundraising

DCCI’s outbound telefundraising strategies emphasize the lifetime value of donors.

Because we serve nonprofit organizations exclusively, we believe we have an obligation to get as much of the money we raise back to our clients so they can fund their programs. Your ROI is our priority! That’s why DCCI offers the highest quality phone calls and some of the lowest, all-inclusive* pricing in the industry, period! On a standard campaign, you pay one price per call, per hour, or per minute (inbound), and that’s it. We don’t nickel-and-dime you with ancillary charges that add up over weeks or months.

All-Inclusive Outbound Services:

  • Current /Renewal Cultivation Calls
  • Lapsed Donor Reactivation with DCCI’s breakeven guarantee
  • Monthly Sustainer Recruitment
  • Monthly Sustainer Upgrade
  • Monthly Credit Card Recapture
  • Non-Donor Conversion
  • Acquisition
  • Thank You Calls
  • Welcome Calls
  • Membership Calls
  • Polling/Survey Calls
  • Pre-Recorded Voice Broadcasting

*All-inclusive pricing includes: program setup, strategic management, registration, IT programming & file processing, reporting, script and letter development, communicator training, and pledge letter production…even the postage! (The only costs typically not included are stationery and phone appending)

Our campaigns offer tremendous flexibility. Our team of telefundraising experts offer creative strategies and scripts, thorough testing and solid analysis. They will help you design the program that is perfect for your unique need!

If you’re currently working with a call center, take the split-test challenge and provide us with 1/2 of your file. We’ll meet or beat the competitor’s price and exceed your performance expectations!


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*We guarantee breakeven on most lapsed donor reactivation programs! This limits your risk, produces a minimum 1:1 return on investment, and allows you to win-back donors at virtually no cost to your organization!

Inbound Call Center Solutions
We invest in technology; Our business depends on it.

In support of your fundraising initiatives and events, we provide a professional and knowledgeable inbound donor care service that combines maximum pledges with accurate payment processing and reporting. We have the best People, Processes, and Technology and incorporate Best Practices across all areas of the company to maximize results.

We employ the Noble Systems “Customer Interaction Management” solution as the backbone of our teleservices call center operation. This unified platform allows for blended inbound/outbound contact solutions, IVR solutions, skills based routing, digital audio recording, workforce management and multi channel (email, web, fax) contacts and VOIP support.

Volunteer Recruitment
DCCI is an industry leader in volunteer recruitment campaigns of all types.

Be it “Neighbor to Neighbor”, “Family and Friends” or “Member Get a Member”, our team of marketing experts has more experience with volunteer recruitment than anyone else in the industry. In fact, DCCI’s parent company (Ameridial) conducted the very first outsourced volunteer recruitment program over twenty two years ago.

DCCI will manage every aspect of your volunteer recruitment program from theme development, kit creation and production, file management, call production, to caging and fulfillment.

The beauty of DCCI’s “Family & Friends” and “Neighbor to Neighbor” volunteer recruitment programs is that it (depending on the audience mix), typically produces returns on investment of between 2:1 and 3:1. They simultaneously acquire new donors for the nonprofit, donors that are often not already on the rental lists that everyone else is trying to recruit donors from.

DCCI guarantees the lowest priced solution in the industry for volunteer recruitment programs. Our objective, as with all of our programs, is to ensure that as much of the money as possible goes back to our clients to fund their critically important missions.

Breakeven Guarantee
Reactivate your donors at virtually no cost!

DCCI’s Breakeven Guarantee was created to limit your financial risk. It allows you to bring back more donors into a current relationship of financial support in a very cost effective manner. It guarantees that a telefundraising campaign will generate enough fulfilled revenue to cover all of its costs (less stationery & phone appending). We are so confident in the quality of our programs, we guarantee breakeven on most lapsed donor reactivation programs! This allows you to produce a minimum 1:1 return on investment! Contact us today to learn more about DCCI’s Breakeven Guarantee and how we can win back your donors at virtually no cost to your organization.