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You want every customer to have a positive experience with every contact — but there are times when call volume exceeds your internal capacity.

Ameridial can extend your customer service hours and capacity or manage your entire customer service function — whether it’s daily, nights and weekend, promotional activity or seasonal call overflow.

We are leaders in achieving the highest levels of Customer Satisfaction.
Ameridial agents provide a high level of touch and constantly strive for “first call resolution”… because customers don’t like the hassle of follow-up calls. Even when customers don’t get the resolution they want, they like the way their call was handled. That’s what sets Ameridial’s customer service call center agents apart – with quality often exceeding in-house call centers.

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Ameridial Agent Training … is the Key to Superior Customer Care

Before an Ameridial agent ever makes or takes the first call on your account, that agent has received hours of practical, foundational customer interaction skills training.

Each Ameridial agent must successfully graduate from:

Internal customer service training which prepares agents to:

  • Be mentally and physically ready to be friendly and knowledgeable
  • Use active listening skills to ensure a high first call resolution rate
  • Demonstrate good vocal skills at each of our call centers — all based in the U.S.
  • Use proper call control to handle complaints and dissatisfied callers

Senior sensitivity training which:

  • Provides agents with simulated experience of challenges faced by senior callers, whether dealing with impaired vision, hearing or other issues
  • Helps agents build empathy and improve patience when speaking with senior callers

All client specific training material

  • Including technical material and soft skills for the desired customer interaction experience

Ameridial agents are experts at providing the highest levels of Customer Service for multiple types of calls, including:

  • Billing inquiries
  • Product returns and cancelations
  • Help Desk – Tier 1 technical support
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Product recalls
  • Dealer locator service
  • Service outages
  • Outbound live agent phone survey
  • Post-call IVR Customer Satisfaction survey

Disaster Recovery Services

DRP Preparedness

  • Core/Flex staffing model
  • ​Requires limited steady state work
  • ​Cross trained Agent pool
  • Excess seating capacity
  • Geographically diverse sites


DRP Experience

  • 12 incidents of disaster declarations implemented since 2009
  • 1-2 hour response time for full DRP implementation​

We Make it Happen… for Ameridial Clients

The Client: The leading supplier of tools and services that help automobile insurers identify rating errors, recover lost premiums, and minimize future losses.

The Challenge: The rating information underlying most private passenger auto insurers’ books of business can be seriously flawed. Policy information is often incorrect, outdated, or incomplete. As a result, insurers lose an enormous amount of premium each year.

The Solution: Ameridial specialize in customer service and customer retention. We work to elevate the mood of customers that have had less than perfect experiences and to continue to conduct their business with our clients. Our team of trained customer service call center reps have extensive training in building rapport with unhappy customers so that we can retain their business and leave the feeling that their concerns are important to our clients. It is our goal to:

  • Make the most out of each and every customer contact, leaving a positive impression of the client that we are representing, thus building a stronger foundation for the relationship with their customer.
  • Treat each connection as an opportunity to build the bonds between client and consumer, forging a long-lasting affiliation that is fiscally advantageous for both parties.
  • Provide a scalable customer call center solution that allows for the new business growth for our client.

Our Customers Say…

Over the past 15 years I have partnered with Ameridial on various occasions to help support our system with business leads and appointments.
Ameridial has always proven to be a reliable and effective partner for US Lawns.”

Paul Wolbert, Vice President @ US Lawns