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Ameridial is the perfect call center partner.

Our agents are trained to deliver the very same quality and performance you expect from your own in-house call center.

To support your acquisition goals and revenue targets, Ameridial offers flexible and scalable solutions, with programs that include:

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Ameridial assembles and trains a team of sales professionals, including dedicated Sales Managers and Project Managers

Our job is to meet your customer acquisition objectives by achieving sales conversion goals — whether radio, mail, web or outbound calling

Our Incentive Plans align with:

  • your front-end metrics (higher sales conversion and order size)
  • your back-end metrics (lower cancels and returns)

We develop a balance between quantity and quality to manage the program as cost-effectively as possible while maximizing your revenues

Ameridial is compliant with the PCI DSS standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) for data security to accept payments on your behalf.

Contact Ameridial to discuss your call center challenges and how we can help.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Keep your sales people selling and not cold calling with Ameridial’s lead generation and appointment setting services

Ameridial can dramatically improve the productivity of your sales team when they call pre-qualified sales leads.

  • We start by identifying the correct decision maker at the prospect company
  • We educate the prospects on the benefits of doing business with your company
  • We pre-qualify their need for your product or service and the timing of their purchase
  • We then arrange for a follow-up call, mailing or schedule a meeting with your inside or field salesperson

Direct Response Broadcast Advertising

Inbound calls answered 24/7 during your broadcast advertising campaigns

We work with your media schedule to provide staff when call spikes are anticipated:

  • Inbound calls answered 24/7 during your broadcast advertising campaigns
  • Support for Radio, Television and direct mail advertising
  • Flexible staffing models to meet your call arrivals
  • Proven success at front end conversion, up-selling and cross-selling
  • Consistent back-end high quality results
  • Virtual Queue call-back for unexpected high call volume
  • Calls answered 24/7, 365 days a year

Direct Marketing Support

Follow-up calls from Ameridial improve the overall response rate from your direct mail program

We contact decision makers on your mailing list to:

  • Remind them of the mail that was sent
  • Uncover objections to buying
  • Deliver specific benefits that may not have been in the mailing
  • Identify when the prospect will be ready to buy
  • Gather email addresses for future marketing programs
  • Set an appointment or warm transfer with those who are ready to buy now

Web-Based Marketing

Let your customer choose their preferred contact channel for doing business –while Ameridial provides the technology and skilled representatives

With just a few lines of code or a license from our IT department, you can add Web Chat and Click-to-Call functionality to your company web site:

  • Web Chat sessions allow us to push documents and videos to the customer to answer question or close a sale
  • The Click-to-Call function queues an outbound callback for the prospect to speak with a call center representative. This callback is typically received in less than five minutes of the request
  • Email confirmation of the call, sales receipts and product information can be sent from the agent desktop using your email domain name

Database Verification and Updating

Improve deliverable rates for your direct mail and email — and to the correct person

Prior to launch of your marketing program, Ameridial provides database verification and updates.

  • Names of the decision makers, titles, direct phones and email address
  • Headquarter and branch locations
  • Mailing and physical address
  • Web site address
We Make it Happen for Ameridial Clients

The Client: A leader in Direct Marketing of diversified products around the world

The Challenge: Responding to seasonal peaks at 2,000+ inbound calls per day

The Goal: Support the client’s flagship offering for both customer service and inbound direct response sales

The Solution: This client chose Ameridial as a strategic partner for retention and acquisition.

Ameridial helped this client achieve:

  • 5-10% increase in total sales from direct response media
  • 5-10% reduction in abandoned calls from direct response
  • Ability to full optimize client’s internal sales staff and office space

The Client: Largest and most recognized brand in high-end Replacement Window & Doors

The Challenge: Support the client’s mission to aggressively build and guard their brand and quality reputation, with a sharp focus on customer experience

The Goal: Increase retention and acquisition while boosting JD Powers customer experience ranking

The Solution: Partnering with Ameridial for inbound, outbound and web-based lead qualification and appointment-setting for in-home demonstrations, along with various retention programs

We helped achieve measurable results including:

  • 10-20% improvement in lead and appointment conversion rates
  • Expanded customer contact channels to include click-to-call and proactive outbound
  • Quality improvement linked to advancement in JD Powers ranking
Our Customers Say

Over the past 15 years I have partnered with Ameridial on various occasions to help support our system with business leads and appointments.
Ameridial has always proven to be a reliable and effective partner for US Lawns.”

Paul Wolbert, Vice President @ US Lawns